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Infiniti Var, Chris Patt Promote Fortune in Korea!


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Who does not know top-notch actors,Chris PattFor those who really love the world of perfilm, you know this name. Yes, Chris Patt has acted in sharing famous movies. Examples like Park Jurrašić, guards of the galaxy i Avengers: Infiniti Var Yesterday. It's recently known to promote games Fortnite in Korea.

Yes, we all know that Fortune is warm to everyone. In fact, this year already exists 8.3 million Fortune players around the world. Not only that, Fortney also won a nomination The game of the year on the show 2018 Joistick Avards. Epic Games recently worked with top actor Chris Patt.

Film actor Avengers Infiniti Var, Chris Patt promotes Fortune in Korea! A game

This is known when Chris Pratt I appeared on the promotion poster Fortnite which can be played at one of the net centers in South Korea, PC Bang. PC Bang is one of the networks in South Korea with appropriate services, from top-notch computers, mouse and keyboard and many other services.

Not only does it appear on a poster, Chris Patt also appeared in a video promoting Fortney. Do you know? This is not the first time that Chris Patt promoted the game. Earlier he had time to promote different games and as a result, the game was immediately passed by players around the world.

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