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Is it really the Nissan March 1,200 cc engine that is not suitable for handling?


Report of the Oto grid reporter, Taufan Rizaldy Putra

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – For those who want to manipulate their own machines, perhaps the Nissan March is not the right car for you.

This is because there is not much that consumers can do on the Nissan March kitchen track.

"In addition to Nissan March, the latest Nissan is also designed so there is not much maintenance," said Ade Haryawan, head of the Nissan Puri Kembangan workshop in western Jakarta.

For example, replace the blowers. Replacing spark plugs is quite difficult for consumers who are unfamiliar with the machines.

The location of the spark located just below the coil is closed by the admission collection, requiring replacing the flashes to open the admission collection.

Therefore, the recommended replacement period for a car that uses octane fuel above 91 is quite long.

Since I am already using iridium flashes for manual transmission, the replacement is every 100 thousand kilometers, while automatic transmission from March to 20 thousand kilometers due to the use of ordinary blowers.

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The character of the 3-cylinder engine of the Nissan March brand makes motor vibrations more pronounced, especially if the condition of the fuel intake is dirty. The difficulty, the body component of the accelerator, is difficult to clean.

Try not to use an aerosol cleaning model, because it will usually cause tracking problems.

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"Normally, rpm does not return to normal, some become taller or lower. You need to calibrate it again in the official workshop," added the friendly man.

That is, if you clean it in itself, consumers still have to go to the official workshop for recalibration. Even for air filters, consumers can only control their cleaning.

Since the air filter in March adheres to a wet model, the procedure only changes, not through the cleaning stage.

Thus, for the components of the engine, consumers only carry out controls on the oil, the radiator's water, the brake fluid and the water of the battery.

Therefore, it is better for regular maintenance every 10,000 km, only Nissan March must be done at the official workshop.

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