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Jokowi never says he is a genius



Secretary of State Faldo Maldini’s staff responded to Rocky Gerung’s satire on the genius compliment given by a president of the National University of Singapore, Professor Kishore Mahbubani, to President Joko Widodo (Jokowi). Faldo said Professor Mahbubani’s praise was based on the investigation.

“Professor Mahbubani is an academic and a government professional from the best universities in the world, also a former diplomat. I read his book on the emergence of the state superpower Asia. Of course, their assessment has a basis for arguing and investigating, ”Faldo told reporters on Friday (10/15/2021).

Faldo chose to be kind to Rocky Gerung. Faldo thinks Rocky Gerung is a good person.

“Mr. Rocky’s refutation, quoting the millennial statement, should have asked Professor Mahbubani. That our public space be full of many ideas. Whatever it is, whatever the words that come out of the Mr. Rocky’s mouth, I think he has a good heart, “Faldo said.

According to Faldo, Jokowi himself never declared himself a genius. Jokowi, Faldo said, is only continuing to work to achieve the ideals of the constitution.

“President Jokowi has never claimed to be a genius. He is an ordinary person with all his strengths and weaknesses. As a leader, he only does what needs to be done to protect citizens, to achieve constitutional goals. That’s all. what you think, ”he added. Faldo.

Earlier, Rocky Gerung alluded to the genius praise that was paid to President Jokowi. Rocky Gerung said many millennials who argued with him were surprised by the compliance.

“Yesterday they were confused where this genius is. This millennial child who to talk to me. Those protesting, ”Rocky Gerung said in the debate“ Predict the emergence of presidential candidates in the style of the division of the Covid manipulation area (Java Bali-Non Java Java Bali) ”held KedaiKOPI, Friday (15 / 10/2021).

Rocky Gerung said millennials questioned Jokowi’s genius. Because, according to them, just reading 4 texts, Jokowi is nervous.

“Where’s the genius, Pak Jokowi. Reading 4 texts is nervous and stuttering. Where’s the genius,” he said.

Not only that, Rocky Gerung said the millennials who argued with him also considered Jokowi a liar.

“They think President Jokowi is a liar. They think there’s not a single idea they can promote to the people. friends they are abroad where Indonesia is advanced, ”Rocky Gerung said.

Rocky Gerung admitted that he was forced to report it. According to him, this was conveyed so that in the future political elections should be based on intellectuality, not on eligibility.

“I say this because we are starting to set a new pace, we need to trust the minds of the new generation. Because those who will be the targets will be the new Indonesia,” he said.

“Later on, we need to be based on electoral policy intellectuality and inside intellectuality here it is morality, there is integrity. Therefore, intellectuals should precede eligibility. That’s what it should be, ”Rocky Gerung added.

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