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Ma? Ruf Question Sorry, Prabovo: depends on the inhabitants of Boiolala


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – candidate for vice president number 01 Ma 'am Amin you're talking about apology for presidential candidate number 02 Prabovo Subianto related to the joke "Boiolalia looks". Ma'Ruf appreciated the apology.

However, the chairman of the MUP said that the apology could be delivered, but all returned to the inhabitants of Boiolalia as those who did not accept the joke.

"I think it is for the community, yes," said Mauser when he met at the Mercure Hotel, Ancol, in northern Jakarta, on Thursday (8/11).

A man who is also the president of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) said that the inhabitants of Boholia do not necessarily have to forgive Prabha. "Sometimes I apologized, but how it is with the community, exactly with Boiolali," he said.

Earlier, Prabo apologized for the "Boiolali look" joke he made when he opened the Prabovo Sandi Vinning Bodi office on October 30, 2018. The excuse was made in a video posted by spokesman Prabovo-Sandiag, Dahnil Anzar Simanjuntak.

The scouts were carried out after thousands of Boiolalia residents walked out onto the streets, demanding that Prabo apologize for the joke.

Ma? Ruf Question Sorry, Prabovo: depends on the inhabitants of BoiolalaPrabovo Subianto. Photo: CNN Indonesia / Safir Makki

National campaign Joko Vidodo-Ma'ruf Amin, Inas Nasrullah Zubir, estimated the apology of the presidential candidate number 2 Prabovo Subianto in connection with the statement "Boiolali looks" with political nuances. He did not see an apology from Prab's deepest conscience to confess his mistake.

"This is not an apology derived from his conscience, but political apology, because the apology was done after calculating the advantages and disadvantages," Inas said on Wednesday (July 11th).

Inas, who is also a politician of the Hanura party, then returned a number of other Prabovo statements that were controversial. Inas noted that Prabovo once met journalists with the phrase "can be bribed" and "can not be bought in a mall". In addition, he also noted that Prabovo once insinuated "the Indonesian people were naive and ignorant," and the statement "elite Jakarta were all thieves."
"His statements that insult and harass many times, this has become his habit [kebiasaannya] Prabovo, "he said.

In the meantime, the president of the Indonesian current Yoko Vidodo (Jokovi) was a giant when he mentioned the "Look of Boiolali". In the beginning, Jokovi did not hear the question about Boiolali's joke because of the noise in the candidate position for Hanura party candidate at the Discoveri Ancol hotel, on Wednesday (7/11) in Jakarta.

However, he only laughed when he heard the question for the fourth time. Jokovi gazed as he left the location. (dhf / ain)

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