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NASA scientists claim to know when the sun stops shining, until when?

RIAU24.COM – A prediction made by scientists from the Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) about the sun. So far, the sun, which is the beating heart of the solar system, has been radiating its energy for 4.5 billion years. One day, NASA predicts that the sun will stop scattering its rays, because its energy has been depleted.

When that event happened, the impact was tremendous. Because the Earth can no longer be inhabited by living things. According to NASA scientists, when it no longer has energy, the sun will turn into a red giant or a dying star. This happened in the final stages of its evolution.

As reported by Viva expressly quoting, on Wednesday, January 20, 2021, at this point the Sun will run out of hydrogen and then begin to expand and cool like an inflated balloon. Although it no longer emits light, NASA estimates that the red giant will be 2,000 times brighter than the current sun.

However, this does not mean that there are no other consequences. Even more troubling. Because when the star continues to expand, it is expected to encompass the innermost planets or their nearest ones such as Mercury and Venus.

Meanwhile, the earth will remain out of reach of the sun. But the heat of the star, enough to burn this only planet inhabited by humans.

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“Water and the atmosphere on Earth will boil, leaving only charred, lifeless rock,” said NASA scientist Kelly Whitt.
Meanwhile, Mars will take a while to warm up. But in the end, Mars will become an uninhabitable planet for humans.

The most appropriate
According to Whitt, when the event occurred, the most suitable places for humans were the moons of the planets Jupiter and Saturn. However, this is only a temporary solution, because the gravitational force of the red giants of the solar system will be much weaker than the Sun. Then, the orbits of the stars established by the planets could be disturbed.

This phase can last a billion years, or until the sun releases gas and forms what is called the planetary nebula. At this stage, the star’s gas will disappear into space and leave the core of the star or the white dwarf.

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But in addition to the bad news, there is also good news. It is estimated that this universal event will not occur in human life. Because, so far, the sun is in the middle of its cycle.

According to Whitt again, the sun will not go into its demise until the next five billion years.

“Our star will burn in about 9 or 10 billion years. So the Sun is only halfway through its life. Don’t worry. There are still five billion years left,” he said. ***

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