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New "Online" transport model | Jakarta


The new online launch and startup company offers its unique features. Tariffs are specified in a set of prices and the driver's condition is not deducted after the transaction.

The popularity of online transportation is more widespread. With the benefits of ease, speed, security and affordable prices, the concept of online transport has now reached the regency of cities in Indonesia. And, in order to coincide with Youth Oath Day, on November 10, 2018, there is the latest online pilot company named Bonceng.

This application will continue to increase the number of drivers that now have only 2,000 people. Although new, Bonceng has a lot of services, including Bonceng Motor, Bonceng Mobil, Bingkis Packaging Service and Bungkus Service, which is a special service between meals.

In the midst of competition between two online transport giants, such as Go-Jake and Grab, Bonceng must have the advantage of being able to compete. Apps that recently operated in Jakarta and surrounding areas do not collect fees for any transaction received by the driver, without further explanation of how to obtain revenue.

"In Bonceng, we release all fees or transactions to drivers, they are enough to meet the requirements to be online to get orders," said founder and chief executive Bonceng Faiz Noufal. Potential drivers, both on two-stroke and four-point, are sufficient to meet the requirements to be able to find themselves online to get orders. Every transaction that is fully obtained (100%) belongs to the driver.

Regardless of the transaction that the driver received, Bonceng promised not to cut a single rupee. The second difference is if the competitive application rate is based on the way, and even Grab will raise the tariff when there is an increase in demand, Bonceng sets a different rate than that already there.

Prices charged no longer exceed the travel kilometer, but the price of clusters based on a radius away from travel, grouped in rounded prices. Starting 5,000 Rupees, 10,000 Rupees, 15,000 Rupees and 20,000 Rupees, and so on. Bonceng's uniqueness is that consumers can order pick-up services according to the desired time in the next seven days.

Consumers can reserve earlier in accordance with the time of receipt. Advantages of the reservation model a few days before consumers were no longer supposed to take reservations, and waited for a pickup as the driver was expected to be ready to pick up a particular watch.

Panic button

One of the concerns of online transport users is on the security side. In order to provide passenger protection, the Bonceng application is equipped with a Panic button with a ringing icon that can be pressed in an emergency. "The panic button is connected to the police station, an emergency service and the contact of the nearest relatives," explained Faiz.

He said that future drivers who want to join Bonceng can register several stages. First, register via the application or pillion site. id, then the potential driver will first confirm the document, and then monitor the debriefing, before finally the driver actively searches for the consumer. Although it is currently only recruited by the driver, Bonceng uses potential passengers since the launch.

Especially on the Day of Heroes, Saturday (10/11), applying by using the Bonceng reference code, the user receives 100,000 rupees on Boncen's e-wallet, which can be used as a discounted discount in the first 20 trips. hay / E-6

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