Sunday , May 16 2021

New Theory The concept of the Earth is not round, but as donuts, how does it explain?

SERAMBINEVS.COM – In the midst of growing science, a new theory about the shape of a non-round shape appeared, but it was shaped like a donut.

Earlier, the theory of flat land appeared, which caused a great discussion among the world community.

Because this theory is contrary to the concept of a circular country that the plant has planted and understood.

Reporting from, a large number of experts "offered" a new theory of space objects that they called synesthesia.

The planet's body has a more severe effect on the body of another object.

It produces a donut shape that has a hole in the middle.

However, the shape of the country's donut has not lasted more than 100 years, then it will again become round as we know it all the time.

If it's a donut, it means there was a hole in the middle. However, all this time the hole has never been seen.

Quoted from Vice, a person called Varaug in 2012 gave an answer to this question on an online forum.

"The curved light follows the shape of the donut so that the hole in the center can not be seen," Varaug said.

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