Friday , February 26 2021

Nissa Sabyan series of facts accused of acting, curious Ririe Fairus to sue Sabyan Ayus Sabyan

BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID – The accusation that singer Nissa Sabyan was the third person of Sabyan Gambus keyboardist, Ayus Sabyan suddenly appeared with Ririe Fairus.

In fact, Nissa Sabyan is accused of being an actor (fighter) in the keyboard house of Sabyan Gambus, Ahmad Fairuz or Ayus.

In addition, Ayus is being sued for divorce from his wife, Ririe Fairus, who shares many sad stories on his Instagram.

A series of facts began to emerge about Nissa’s accusation of being the third person in Ayus and Ririe’s home.

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Quoted from various sources, here are five facts about Nissa Sabyan’s accusation of being the full actor.

Based on the confession of cousin Ririe Fairus

The question of Nissa Sabyan becoming an author came after someone who claimed to be a cousin of Ririe Fairus confessed.

In a gossip account on Instagram, he revealed Nissa’s relationship with Ayus.

He said the relationship between the two members of the Sabyan Gambus group had existed for years.

“So Ayus Sabyan owns the band Sabyan and has an affair with his vocalist, Nissa Sabyan. It’s been years since his wife closed her husband’s misfortune, but they both insist they don’t want to separate. His wife eventually gets divorced, I also created TikTok content. I am his wife’s cousin, “said one who claimed to be Ririe’s cousin.

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