Thursday , February 25 2021

Ratu Tisha reveals the reasons for the national team sub-22 to cancel international trials – The secretary general of the PSSI, Ratu Tisha Destria, revealed the reason why the U-22 national team canceled the international trial before confronting itself to the AU-22 Cup 2019.

Previously, the U-22 national team of Indonesia was scheduled to test the U-22 national team before competing in the UFF Cup of 2019. However, the international test plan is not materialized

Instead of that, the Indra Sjafri team will check against Bhayangkara FC on February 6 and Arema FC between February 9 and 10, 2019.

"As we have already said before, the U-22 national team is preparing for the qualification of the AFC (U-23 Asian Cup 2020) because our approach is in the qualification of the # AFC, "Ratu Tisha told reporters on Wednesday, January 30, 2014.

"Therefore, the tests that will be carried out are domestic. We will prepare an international trial after the AFC to go to the 2019 Marine Games. For the internal fight against FC Bhayangkara and Arema FC ", added.

In addition, Ratu Tisha pleaded for the prayers of all lovers of national football to succeed the Young Garuda group at UF 22 AFF Cup.

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Despite not setting a goal, the good results of the AFF U-22 Cup could be a positive capital for the U-22 national team to qualify for the Asian U-23 Cup and the SEA Games .

"Ask for prayers and support from all the Indians, because this is our first event this year, so it will be a very important motivation for the players," Tisha said.

"Although it is the target of the AFC, it will be much more motivated if it can be maximized in the AFF," he added. (Muhammad Robbani)

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