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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the most preferred variant, here is the reason

Wednesday, January 20, 2021 – 3:50 WIB

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the preferred variant, here is the reason:

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Photo: Samsung, JAKARTA – Of the three variants of the Galaxy S21 series, Samsung Indonesia said that the most preferred variant is the Galaxy S21 Ultra or the higher version.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra has a ROM capacity of 512 GB which is priced from 18 million euros.

“The higher variant has more interest. Whether it’s, or online partners, it comes first,” said Taufiq Furqan, Samsung’s director of mobile product marketing. at the first event, Jakarta, on Tuesday.

He also explained why consumers prefer the higher variant of the Galaxy S21 over the next two variants.

One of the reasons, Taufiq said, is related to memory capacity.

“The habit of consumers downloading movies or series in streaming to watch them offline cannot be separated from the reason for choosing media storage capacity,” he said.

“As we all know Netflix with a standard resolution of up to 200-300 MB. But if you want a higher resolution, a Full HD video can have up to 1 GB.”

In addition, large-scale photographs include a growing group of modern gyms.


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