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Scientists describe supermassive black holes at the beginning of the universe | iNews Portal


CALIFORNIA, – Scientists have real images of supermassive black holes. However, they still have many questions about the object of the sky.

Fortunately, a Western University astrophysicist has a new explanation of how some black holes are formed. In a study published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters, Shantanu Basu and Arpan Das suggested that not all black holes leave the remains of the stars.

In fact, its model can help scientists explain the formation of very massive black holes in the early stages of the development of the universe. In the simplest terms, the model shows supermassive black holes that form very quickly during a fast period of time and then suddenly stop.

"Rapid and massive black holes only have a short period of time, where they can grow quickly and stop at a certain time. Since all the radiation of the universe created by black holes and other stars, its production it stops, "Basu said. Engadget, Monday (7/7/2019).

Until now, the understanding was that the black holes of the stellar mass formed when the center of a massive star collapsed on its own. On the contrary, Basu and Das suggest that some black holes come from direct ruins, not from the remains of stars.

According to the researchers, in the last decade they have discovered many supermassive black holes thousands of millions of times more massive than the Sun. Scientists believe they were trained in 800 million years after the Big Bang.

But it challenges the human understanding of the formation and growth of black holes. This new scenario of direct destruction can provide an explanation of how this initial black hole is formed.

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