Wednesday , October 5 2022

Spokesman Jokovi called the term "Gender of politics" to all parties


JAKARTA, – National Campaign Campaign (TKN) Joko Vidodo-Ma'ruf Amin, Ace Hasan Siadzili, considered that the term "fertility policy" is intended for all parties, and not for certain groups.

He said, the term was addressed to politicians who loved to spread fear and pessimism during the campaign.

"I think this statement is not just for certain groups, but for everyone, especially for politicians who always write a pessimistic view and narrative, fears and uncertainties," Ace said through a brief message on Friday (11/09/2018).

Actually, according to Ace, the economic conditions of Indonesia are currently improving. He gave an example of strengthening the course of holes against the US dollar as evidence.

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Likewise, with inflation, which according to Ace can still be controlled so that the prices of basic needs are affordable.

"At this moment, the US dollar began to prepare for about 14 600. That's yesterday's Rp cut by 15,000. The inflation rate can still be controlled," Ace said.

"So, the government is quietly doing seriously considering the pressures of the market economy," he continued.

Allegedly, after previously insinuating unethical politicians as "sontoloio", President Joko Vidodo called the term "gender".

Jokov's nickname was for politicians who were not good ethics and often spread propaganda to intimidate the public. Because, Jokes continued, in the political year as it is today, many politicians have a good influence.

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"Those who do not use good political ethics, do not use good political manners. To see the politics with propaganda is terrifying, frightened, worrying," Jokovi said when he distributed 3,000 land certificates in the sports hall of Tri Sanja, Tegal Regence, on Friday / 11/2018).

Not only that, according to Jokovi, after intimidation of people, politicians often had uncertainty and led people to fear.

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