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The 7 most slow-moving applications ever on Android

[ad_1] – Android is one of the open source operating systems (OS), allowing users to perform various activities. Includes downloading and installing any application, starting with Google Play Store or third-party services.

But, you know, it turns out that there are some applications that have a "forbidden" label. Even a number of applications are the most sophisticated application that has been viral and has called for the attention of Indonesian and world netizens.

Here we summarize the 7 most sophisticated applications that have ever existed on Android.

In the millennium generation, this application Sarahah was viral and was widely used at the end of 2017. But it turns out that many misuse it, and think it's similar to the ASKfm application.

So, what is the real function of the Sarahah application?

According to the programmers, the application Sarahah means honesty in the Arabic language.

This application Sarahh is used to give tips and critiques in anonymous format and is usually used by workers and professionals.

The next slowest application has attracted the attention of Indonesian netizens.

To circulate it in the Google Play Store, this application has become a means of finding a partner for users who want to practice polygamy.

If you have more than 50,000 downloads, the AioPoligami application is still available at the Plai Store, but many get bad reviews.

I-Doser also became a controversial application because it claimed to be a "online drug". That said, using this application, you can lead to hallucination.

In fact, iOSer application is used to stimulate the human brain using soothing binaural sound waves.

Incorrect use will actually affect addiction, not the benefit itself.

Who does not know this application? With various unique filters and stickers, Snapchat is a social media application that can not be separated from your required list.

So, what makes Snapchat controversial?

Is it the characteristic of "Anime" that offends the physical characters, especially the Asians.

There is also the function "Bob Marlei", which instead emphasizes the life of marijuana compared to reggae music.

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