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The Accused for Pickpocketing, a man who claims that the officers of Transcarpathia will be beaten


JAKARTA, – Faisal, 38, claimed that on Thursday (11/08/2013) on Thursday (11/08/2013) Harmoni Shelter, Central Jakarta, persecuted several Transjacarta officers for being charged with collecting a wallet of money.

Faisal's attorney, M Al Marsiah, said his client did not pick up, but returned the passenger wallet he found on the bus when he was passing to Halte Utan Kai in eastern Jakarta.

"Brother Faisal gave the owner a wallet, but one of the passengers said he was a pocketbook. It was noisy but said the owner had received it," Marsiah told reporters at Kelapa Gading, northern Jakarta, on Friday (November 16th) .2013.).

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Faisal was still suspected by the officer and taken to Pulogadung, East Jakarta.

Faisal listened to the officer's request because he thought he would give the police information.

However, after reaching the Pulogadung Bus Station, he was taken to Harmoni Stop. At Harmony Stop, Faisal has experienced an unpleasant experience.

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"Brother Faisal was put on a hanger that read" I'm attached. "He was told to take off his clothes and open his pants, they told him to sit around Harmoni Stop," said Marsiahdan.

He continued, Faisal was locked in a security room with eight other officers.

Faisal, said Marsiahdan, was only released at 9:00 am after being forced to admit that he was attached.

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"Before published, he was forced. He suffered until he did his best and then forced him to make a statement that he admitted to pocketpocketing, "he said.

Another Faisal lawyer, said Nuning Tias, his client immediately passed post mortem and reported on Friday in Central Jakarta Metro Mapolres (11/09/2018).

The Faisal report was received by police with registration number 1820 / K / KSI / 2018 / RESTRO JAKPUS.

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"I am not coordinating with the investigator, if the report is made, it has to be processed," said AKP Purvadi, the public relations sub-sector of Jakarta Metro Police.

It is known that Faisal is working as a safety officer at the hotel.

He went to Transcaracas from Halimun. He stepped into his house in Cilincing, North Jakarta, after he worked before the night.

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Operations Director PT Transacarta Daud Joseph claimed that he had not received information about the alleged persecution.

"I still do not know that information, so I have to find out first, if there's information, I'll make a statement," said David.

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