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The CCP was held by former Vice President of Malang Ahmad Subhan


Jakarta (ANTARA Nevs) – The Commission for the Suppression of Corruption (CCP) has officially detained former Malang assistant Ahmed Subhan along with four other persons who have been identified as suspected of corruption bribery.

The bribe case refers to the management of the main license for use (IPPR) and the construction permit (IMB) for the construction of telecommunication towers in the Mojokerto region in 2015.

"The suspects were detained for the first 20 days," said spokesman KPK Febri Diansiah on Wednesday in Jakarta.

The five suspects were arrested by Ahmad Subhan (ASB) and Nabiel Titavano (NT) from the private sector at the KPK East Jakarta detention center and Director of PT Sumavijaya Achmad Suhavi (ASH) at the Cipinang detention center in eastern Jakarta.

Moreover, PT Tover Bersama Infrastructure (Kula Bersama Group) Ockianto (OKI) The license and Department of the Regulatory Department was arrested at the Police Police Center in Jakarta and Operation PT. Indonesian telecommunications expert (Protelindo) Onggo Vijaia (OV) at the Regional Detention Center Metro Jaia.

Please note that on 18 April 2018, the CCP had previously identified three suspects, namely Regent Mojokerto inactive Mustofa Kamal Pasa (MKP), PT Tover Bersama Infrastructure (Tover Bersama Group), Ockianto (OKI) license and regulatory director and director of PT Operations . Professional telecommunications Indonesia (Protelindo) Onggo Vijaia (OV).

Then, during the investigation process, a number of new data were discovered to help the CCP develop an investigation on the other.

On Wednesday (September 7th), the CCP found three suspects for the suspects – Nabiel Titavano (NT) from the private sector, Achmad Suhavi (ASH) from the private sector, and Ahmad Subhan (ASB) from the private sector and former deputy Regent Malang 2010 -2015.

The suspect Nabiel Titavano allegedly, together with Occhianto, gave a gift or a meeting Mustofi Kamal Pasha as regent of Mojokerto for the period 2010-2015. And the period 2016-2021. Relating to the arrangement of IPPR and IMB for the construction of 11 telecommunications towers in the Mojokerto region in 2015.

"In the meantime, ASH and ASB suspects are suspected together with the OV to give gifts or promises to ICPs as Mojokerto Regent for the period 2010-2015 and 2016-2021 Years related to the regulation of IPPR and IMB- and for the construction of 11 telecommunications towers in the Mojokerto region in 2015, "said the February press conference at the CCP building, Jakarta, on Wednesday.

The bribery allegations received by Suspect Mustof Kamal Pasa amounted to Rp2.73 billion, which was in return for the IPPR process and IMB for the construction of telecommunications towers owned by PT. Tover Bersama Infrastructure (Tover Bersama Group) and PT Telecommunication Communication Professional Indonesia (Protelindo) in the Moiokerto region;

"The total permits for the 22 telecommunication towers in the Mojokerto Region, and earlier in the beginning of 2015, the Government of the Registry has controlled and sealed via Satpol PP, as it claimed that a certain number of telecommunication tower towers were established without sufficient permits and that it was leased to customers," said he is.

However, after the end of the seal, Mustofa Kamal Pasa allegedly demanded "compensation" to be levied for a license fee of 200 million Rp for each tower, so that total for 22 towers amounted to R.4.4 billion.

It has been alleged that on June 15, 2015, the certificate, which was executed against Mustofa Kamal Pase, was 2.75 billion IDRs, i.e. From PT Infrastructure Tover or Tover Bersama Group, it was reported that 2.2 billion IDRs were given.

"Secondly, PT Protelindo is said to have received Rp.550 million. After receiving" fees, "the IPRR and IMB have been issued," Febri said.

For their actions, three suspects, namely Nabiel Titavana, Achmad Suhavi and Ahmad Suhan, allegedly violated Article 5 (1) (a) or Article 5 (1) (b) or Article 13 of Law No. 20 of 2001 on Amendments to the Law Law no. 31 of 1999 relating to the eradication of criminal offenses of corruption in relation to Article 55, paragraph (1) of the first criminal law.

Pevarta: Benardi Ferdiansiah
Editor: Win Three Ratomo

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