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The day before he died in Bekasi, Sarah wrote this letter to his mother


BEKASI, – The day before they were found dead with her family, Sarah Bor Nainggolan (9) wrote a letter she gave to her mother, Maia Sofia Ambarita (37).

The letter then photographed Maia and was posted on the Maia Facebook account. Picture of the letter set Maia on Monday (11/12/2018) at 07.46 VIB.

"Take a letter from Bor Panggoaran, still in elementary school of the 3rd grade, and that's funny, a smile is read, until it's just written, that God bless you, Borrow, to be a child who feared God" Maia wrote a photo of her letter on her Facebook account.

The transfer of Maya was justified by Vanessa Claudia (28), one of the rented inhabitants managed by the Maya family.

"Yes, this is the account of the victim who is the mother of the family. She (Maia) wrote a letter written by her first child," said Vanessa.

Here is the contents of the Sarajevo letter to May, her mother.

From Sarah

Mom and Dad, sorry, brother and sister have made Mom and Dad angry. Kaka promises he will not fight again. Kaka will, according to mom and dad, be diligent in prayer to read the Bible, and no longer fear the devil. The sisters will be afraid of God Jesus. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for taking care of some kind of baby, little girl, kids. Mom is tired of cooking for her brother, Daddy works for her brother.

Thank you, Mom and Dad

Previously reported, a husband and wife and two children were found dead at his residence, Jalan Bojong Nangka II RT 002 RV 007, Jatirahai village, Pondok Melati District, Bekasi City, western Java, on Tuesday (13 November 2013).

Four victims, namely, Dikum Nainggolan (38) head of the family, Maia Boru Ambarita (37), Sarah Booru Nainggolan (9) and Aria Nainggolan (7).

The victim was the head of the rented house together with the basic food owned by sister Dituma named Douglas Nainggolan.

So far, the police are still conducting an investigation and questioning a number of witnesses, including Douglas.

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