Monday , August 15 2022

The KPK prosecutor died on his way to return home: Okezone News


JAKARTA – A prosecutor working in the Commission for the Fight against Corruption (CCP), Herri BS Ratna Putra, breathed his breath back home.

"We mourn, only at around 6:00 in the morning one of the employees in the CCP who was the prosecutor died on the way home, "CCP spokeswoman Febri Diansiah said on Tuesday (November 6th 2013).

Prosecutor Herri was immediately taken to the central Pertamine Hospital (RSPP) in Jakarta before being taken to a funeral home.

Deputy Chairman of the Commission for the Suppression of Corruption, Laode M Sarief and many of his colleagues were also present to pay final mail.

CCP building

A colleague of the deceased Heri, Judge Suhan Suleyan admitted that he complained about the sudden departure of his friend. According to Takidir, Herri is known as a person and a heavy worker dealing with corruption cases.

"We are a large family of Indonesian Association of Prosecutors in the Commission for the Fight against Corruption (CCP), which is very much lost on the deceased deceased figure, low profile and a hard worker, "Judge Suhan said affirmatively.


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