Thursday , October 6 2022

The man called Ahok 1 million spectators, Ahok: Go for the truth – Fun


Today, at 16:32 VIB • Viewed 20 times • http: // Basuki Tjaja Purnama (Ahok) thanked the audience for the movie "A Man Who's Called Ahok", which reached a million dollars. Ahok urged his supporters to continue to advance for the sake of the truth.

Ahok's statement was posted by the team on the @ basukibtp Instagram account on Saturday (November 17, 2013). Ahok wrote a message in the manuscript.

"For all Aka's audiences called Ahok, thank you for your support, so that you have reached the audience of 1 (one) million. Go for truth, sincerity, humanity and justice." Greetings from the Chief of the Mobile Brigade, "Ahok wrote.

"A man called Ahok" enters the ninth day in the air in theaters. The number of viewers of this film is reportedly increasing.

Although the film did not update the number of viewers by the ninth day, a large number of accounts and Indonesian movie viewing sites show the latest figures for the purchase of A Man Called Ahok.

Web calls this film in which Daniel Mananta plays and reaches 953,476 thousand. (Dtc)

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