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The mayor of Tangerang arrives at the Ministry of Interior, a meeting on conflicts with Menkumham


JAKARTA, – The mayor of Tangerang Arief Rachadiono Wismansyah was summoned to the Ministry of Interior on Thursday, 07/18/2019. This call was to discuss a dispute between Arief and the Minister of Law and Human Rights Yasonna Laoly.

Monitoring Kompas.comArief arrived at the Office of the Interior Ministry in Jalan Medan Merdeka Utara at 1:40 p.m. WIB.

He was immediately received by Interior Ministry secretary Hadi Prabowo, Banten governor, Wahidin Halim and Kemenkumham secretary general, Bambang Sariwanto, who first came to the meeting room.

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They then had a closed meeting immediately. The plan after the meeting will be held at a press conference.

Interior Minister Tjahjo Kumolo mentioned earlier that he would summon Arief because of his feud with Menkumham Yasonna Laoly.

Tjahjo said the meeting was held without the presence of Yasonna. According to Tjahjo, the discussion of the dispute was only sufficient with Arief and Wahidin.

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Tjahjo said: the problem was actually a normal misunderstanding. He also lamented the Aight's attitude of taking unilateral measures to cut water and electricity to the Kemenkumham office in Tangerang.

He considered that the action was harmful to the community, since it would interrupt the public service that took place in the offices of Kemenkumham in Tangerang.

"This is a bad communication that the mayor should not take measures to accuse something that has not been confirmed correctly," Tjahjo said.

"Secondly, the mayor can not make a unilateral step, which takes measures that hurt the public, such as cutting water, cutting off electricity," he said.

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A dispute between the mayor of Tangerang and Menkumham was related to the construction permit of the land owned by Kemenkumham in the city of Tangerang.

Initially, Yasonna insinuated Arief on the land construction permits owned by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights that had never been published. The insinuation was revealed during the inauguration of the Correctional Polytechnic and the Polytechnic Immigration in the central area of ​​the administration of the city of Tangerang.

Arief was also insinuated because he was arguing over the lands of Kemenkumham as agricultural land.

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The Tangerang city government also accused the construction of the building at that time for not having a building permit (IMB).

Because of this satire, Arief decided not to provide services to the land of Kemenkumham, precisely at the offices of the Justice and Pengayoman complex, Tangerang. These services include public lighting, drainage repair and waste transportation.

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