Thursday , May 13 2021

The MUP has invited people not to buy false cars

Jakarta (ANTARA Nevs) – The Indonesian Anti-Counterfeiting Federation (MIAP) has urged the public not to buy a range of counterfeit products, including those related to the automotive industry, as using "false" products can harm consumers.

"For example, what we need to understand is the consumer, what is the risk of using false disc brakes? People will be one meter, maybe three meters (because they use false cars products)," MIAP chairman Justisiari P Kusumah said in Jakarta on Thursday.

"It must be aware, therefore, that saving money may be important, but saving lives is far more important," he added.

Justisiari said this when they met on the margins of a limited discussion titled "Preventing circulation of counterfeit / illegal products as an effort to protect consumers in Indonesia", organized by the MIAP in cooperation with the International Association for the Protection of the Trademark (INTA).

Nowadays, the practice of creating false cars produces still unsustainable persons. One of them is the production of false lubricants.

Many thief manufacturers still practice a false lubricant, with a way of producing recycled lubricants that are packaged and attached to certain brands without rights. Asphalt lubricants (original but fake) are made as close to the original as possible to deceive ordinary people.

Justisiari said that people who feel disadvantaged from the actions of these fake individuals can bring the matter into the legal system.

"If they are recycled (lubricants), human brands are used, and then they are not passed on to consumers, fraud attempts and caused consumers become victims … This can make legal efforts with consumer protection laws," Justisiari said.

Justisiari acknowledged that it is currently difficult to maintain the circulation of false or illegal automobile products. As long as the demand from the community is high, the existence of such products will continue to exist on the market.

Especially with the development of information technology that created a new market, where now the circulation of counterfeit or illegal products does not happen only in conventional markets, but also through e-commerce platforms, markets and other online sales channels. Therefore, the distribution of fake automated products is expanding.

That's why Justisiari urged the public to be a smart consumer in product selection. He also invited industry representatives, including online business activists (e-commerce, market, online stores, etc.) to actively prevent the movement of counterfeit or illegal products.

"(How) using the prevention system and evaluating their partners in order to prioritize the interests of consumers and protect the rights of the brand's legitimate owners," he concluded.

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