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The PS5 rumor can play games from PS4


Jakarta: Although it has not yet been discovered when it will appear, Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) has been busy making several rumors. One of them is to play the games of the previous console PS4.

The PS5 rumor can play games from PS4


The PS5, which will become the new Sony stand in the world of the console, was not discovered when it was born although it has recently been mentioned in several rumors.

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After Sony made sure to start working on the successor to the PS4, the news arose that the DualShock console game on the next console would include a screen.

Next, Sony's decision to abstain from the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) event of 2019 was mentioned due to the desire to focus on working on PS5.

Now it blows other rumors related to the possibility that the PS5 may then play games destined for the PS4, as it has compatibility capabilities with previous versions.

Cited from Daily Star, Thursday (11/22/2018), this is indicated by an appointment in a Sony report published in Sony IR Day 2018.

Referring to, the quote says "trying to alleviate the impact of the life cycle of the platform compared to the previous one and stabilize the results structure."

Daily Star explained in a simpler language, Sony basically wanted to maximize the presence of the new generation console later with the possibility of playing games that already existed before its existence became more established with the support of new games.

This attracts players to buy directly the PS5 so they can immediately enjoy a special game on the launch (which is still a handful), as well as buying games with more collections of their predecessor consoles – 39; extend the life cycle of PS4.

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