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These are the specifications of the Samsung Folding Gadget Bodies Specifications


Solopos.com, SEOUL – Samsung has introduced its switching mobile phone in the title Samsung Developer Conference On November 7, 2018, in San Francisco. This phone is said to be present to fight the smartphone industry in 2019.

Reported CNetOn Thursday (11/08/2018), the foldable mobile phone will carry a 7.3-inch screen when it becomes a tablet. A 4.5-inch screen will then be displayed when the phone is switched.

Although Samsung did not reveal the handset in detail. Some predictions say the Gorilla Glass phone is protected on a 4.5-inch screen and a plastic cover on the screen.

Although some brands work on a thin folding glass that can withstand hundreds of thousands of times without demolishing. There is a strong possibility that Samsung monitors the rates of the mobile phone Roiole FlekPai and uses a type of plastic polymer.

On the screen of 7.3 inches, mobile phones can be folded in three ways and have their own functions. For example, users can see the entire screen. Then the screen can be divided into two areas, where users can see two side pins.

Especially if the user sends a message and can see two other applications while working. In addition, users can perform many tasks on the folded Galaki phone.

Here are some review of Samsung's phone's specification of the phone. For your information, this complex mobile phone is said to have a name Galaki Ks or Galaki F.

  • 7.3 inch screen
  • Resolution: 1,536k2,152
  • Screen Density: 420 dpi / ppi
  • Relationship aspect: (4.2: 3)
  • 4.5 inch screen
  • Resolution: 1,960k840
  • Screen Density: 420 dpi / ppi
  • Aspect ratio: (21: 9)

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