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These immigration officials are Angri Miyabi


Report from reporter, Vahiu Firmansiah

TRIBUNNEVS.COM, JAKARTA – An investigation by Denpasar of the Immigration Officer leaves rage in the minds of Japanese artists, Maria Ozawa.

What makes a hot, old star, often called Miyabi?

Barbie Nouva, the best friend, discovered the thing that caused Miyabi's anger.

According to Barbi, Miyabi was angry after being examined, there were unscrupulous immigration officers who were looking for a photo and asked for a personal phone number.

"What makes him angry is that he has to search for a photo and ask for a phone number. If he does procedurally that this is not his country, he will respect the rules," said Barbie Nouva on Monday (11/12/2018).

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Apparently, this made Miyabi feel uncomfortable.

Maria Ozava will also, according to her assessment, take legal action.

Barbie Nouva, when she met in the Tendean area, said in southern Jakarta that the Miyabi reported a case of the embassy.

"The point is, he wants that person to apologize, it's not difficult, but he is not a bad person, he has a problem with his people," said Barbie Nouva.

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Barbiepun said that if you really want to apologize better.

"If you go to Miyabia, you can go directly to the embassy, ​​because it brings the name of the country I said," he said.

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Barbie also transferred the thing that Miyabi made

Miyabi also requested that a person be given the appropriate punishment.

"But he certainly told me, he wants this person in the law, leaving him, because of his Indonesian sense, is sad, my friends are many Indonesians, he really likes Indonesia," he said.

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