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Uia Kuia Call Brak Vicki Prasetio Angel Angel does not settle – VIVA


VIVA – Angel Lelga's family with Vicki Prasetio is no longer harmonious. A couple who married on February 9, 2018 and held a party in Ancol, North Jakarta, is allegedly in dispute.

Even Vicki Prasetio filed his divorce lawsuit with his wife at the Yugoslav religious court in Jakarta some time ago.

Marriage, which is only briefly intertwined, which is eight months and must end with divorce, it seems that the public speculates that the other marriage is only a mere setting. However, one of Vicki Prasetio's friends, Uia Kuia, dismissed the news.

Uja Kuya believes that the marriage of his two friends is not just an option.

Vicki Prasetio and Angel Lelga

"If it is I am Do you personally analyze if people say that this divorce is impossible. Time if this is an environment, the problem is that size, it's uncomfortable for both sides, "Uia Kuia said when he met in Tendean in southern Jakarta on Friday, November 16, 2018.

Uja Kuja added that Vicki and Angel really dealt with the official link before the law. "If it is I am I always think positively about married people who need to be serious. "The marriage process is definitely what it is, divorce is possible because it really wants to get divorced," Uja Kuia said.

Artist Angel Lelga, who is a candidate for party law Perindo, replied to the questions before joining the debriefing of President Jacques Vidouda's legislative candidates in Jakarta

However, Ku Kuja did not deny that he was disappointed with the attitude of Vicky and Angel Lelga who attacked each other through social media. Ujay Kuia also suggested that Vicki and Angel talk privately to solve the problem immediately.

"My advice should never be attacked. See, find the center, almost. What do you want to do now when we lived in this world, what are we looking for," said Uja Kuja.

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