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[UPDATE] The members of KPPS died increasing to 331, pain 2,232


JAKARTA, – The number of members of the voting group (KPPS) died at 331 people. In addition, it was reported that 2,232 KPPS members were ill.

This figure refers to the data of the General Electoral Commission (KPU) on Tuesday night (04/30/2019).

"The number of KPPS members died 331, sick of 2,232. A total of 2,563 were affected by the disaster," said General Secretary (Sekjen) of KPU Arif Rahman Hakim in Indonesia when it was confirmed on Tuesday.

Compared with KPU data on Tuesday morning (04/29/2019), the number of KPPS members died increased by 13 people.

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The two members of KPPS who died and were ill were mainly caused by fatigue and accidents.

KPU will provide compensation to KPPS members who die and stay sick. The plan has been approved by the Ministry of Finance.

"The finance minister has approved the KPU's proposal to compensate electoral organizers who suffer work-related injuries while working in the 2019 elections," said KPU Commissioner Evi Novida Ginting Manik, when the Monday (04/29/2019).

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The amount of the compensation is grouped into four. First of all, the compensation for KPPS members who died was 36 million IDR, after the indemnification of KPPS members of permanent disability was 36 million of IDR.

The compensation for severely injured KPPS members is 16.5 million rupees, and for KPPS members who have moderate injuries, 8.25 million rupees.

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