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Vicki Prasetio resigned to his home with Angel Lelga really ends up


Journal Report, Baiu Indra Permana

TRIBUNNEVS.COM, JAKARTA – Vicki Prasetio claimed that he later resigned to the fate of his household.

"Children, mothers, fathers, women belong to God. I must be ready to recite if God wants to take it," Vicky Prasetio said when he met on Thursday in the Jakarta Supreme Court (11/08/2018)

He was honest, if he had to completely separate himself from Angel Lelg.

"I sincerely thank InshiAllah, regardless of the fact that the decision will be, if it is already late, I will not be able to negotiate the fate that God has presented," he added.

For him, the most important thing is that he did the best for the integrity of his household.

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"One thing is certain that I have tried as much as possible, if our related soul comes here, it's important that I, as a man and husband, say that my household is as much as I can," he explained.

The marriage divorce test Vicky and Angela began to enter the new phase.

After the mediation, these two were declared unsuccessful since Angel Lelga did not attend after three calls.

The household, which was only eight months, threatened to turn to a religious court in Jakarta.

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