Sunday , May 22 2022

Ways to make VhatsApp invisible when writing during a conversation


TRIBUNNEVS.COM – VhatsApp provides users with more innovations.

You can try knocking this time, but not in conversations.

Adding applications made by VhatsApp is a special application for business, video calls with group calls or in person.

The feature of the label with your own photos, more and more demands from VhatsApp users.

If you want the typing status visible during a call, the GBVhatsApp application is worth trying.

Tribunnevs launch from, Monday (November 19, 2013), GBVhatsApp is an application developed by Has.007.

GBVhatsapp is based on the original VhatsApp and uses the same server.

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The original Vhatsapp, add-ons and development features already exist, but GBVhatsApp still uses the original server.

GbVhatsApp will not cause any problems on your mobile phone.

With the GbVhatsApp app you can hide the "typing" status during chat.

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