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What is the fate of humans if the black hole is as close as the moon?

[ad_1] – The first photo of a black hole that was popular in the virtual universe during the last two days has caused a sensation of public curiosity.

During this time, black holes are perceived as bottomless springs that aspire to everything that surrounds them. Is it like that?

The answer, yes and no, depends on the size and distance of the object from the black hole.

What happens if a black hole is close to the Earth, say up to the distance between the Earth and the Moon?

"Black holes have a mass of at least 3-5 times the mass of the Sun, with an approximate diameter of only 10-20 km," said Marufin Sudibyo, an amateur astronomer when contacted with Kompas.comSaturday (04/13/2019).

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"In theory, objects that are found around a black hole with a distance of 6 million km (if the mass is three times higher than the Sun) will be destroyed by gravitational tide forces," Marufin explained.

Marufin also added that the dispersion of the remains of the object would be drawn to the black hole, although only a small part of it entered.

It is important to know, the distance between the Earth and the Moon is only 384,000 km.

Then, if a supermassive black hole like Messier 87 finishes to get its image in the current position of the Moon, what will happen? The answer is that the Earth can not exist.

"All our solar system will disappear," replied Marufin.

Marufin explained that the horizon of the event (horizon event) Messier 87 has a diameter of more than half the size of our solar system, the distance between the sun and the cloud in the comet Opik-Oort.

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In order to escape from the horizon of events, speed is equivalent to the speed of light.

"If the center of this supermassive black hole is in the position of the Moon, then the Earth and its inhabitants will be separated between the most elementary particles in the form of quarks and electrons. It is then compressed into a very narrow space" Marufin continued.

Black holes are an area of ​​space-time that has a very strong effect of gravity, where even light can not escape.

Its existence is limited by the horizon of the event, the deadline to escape to an object before entering a black hole.

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