Tuesday , July 27 2021

What is the “safest” place to live in the Milky Way galaxy?

Astronomers have searched the entire Milky Way galaxy to identify safe places to live. Looks like we’re in a good place.

But if the current plague wants it to reproduce on another planet, according to new research, it would be best to go to the center of the galaxy.

The new discovery was made by a team of Italian astronomers studying the location where a powerful cosmic explosion died. Explosions like supernova explosions or gamma rays create particles and radiation that break DNA and destroy life. Therefore, the most livable areas should be areas free of frequent eruptions.

“The powerful cosmic explosion should not be ignored. These events play a life-threatening role in the Milky Way galaxy, “said Ricardo Spinelli, lead author of the study and an astronomer at the University of Spia in Italy.

In the youth of the Milky Way, the edges of the galaxy are safe

Astronomers have not only discovered the most dangerous place in the galaxy, but have also identified the safest part of the Milky Way in its 11 billion years of history. The results show that we are currently on the threshold of “great residential real estate”. But in the youth of the Milky Way, the edges of the galaxy were safe.

Many factors make a planet habitable. For example, a planet must be in an “ecosystem” (ZLC), where the temperature and activity of its host star is neither too high nor too low, but perfect. In addition, the galaxy of life has to deal with harmful radiation from outer space.

Fierce cosmic events, such as supernovae and gamma-ray bursts, throw particles into space at the speed of light. Not only can they kill all known life forms, but these particles can also wipe out the planet’s atmosphere. After this event, scientists hope that there is no trace of life on planets orbiting nearby star systems.

Our galaxy is getting friendlier

“For planets close to stellar eruptions, you can rely on complete contraception. For those at a greater distance, the massive damage is greater, “Spinelli said. Direct Science.

The authors also write that gamma-ray eruptions may have played a key role in the Artevici-Silurian mass extinction 450 million years ago, the second largest mass extinction in Earth history. Although there is no conclusive evidence, researchers believe this is possible with respect to the Earth’s position in the galaxy.

Until 6 billion years ago, most galaxies were sterilized by violent eruptions. As it surrounds the Milky Way galaxy, these eruptions are less frequent. Fortunately for us, our galaxy is becoming more friendly. In the future, there will be fewer cases of mass disappearances and they will be less serious.

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