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Wow! Then Muhammad Zohri became the only Southeast Asian representative in the men’s 100-meter dash at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics: Okezone Sports

TOKYO – The journey of Indonesian male sprinter, Lalu Muhammad Zohri, to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will begin today Saturday (07/31/2021) in the WIB afternoon. Indonesia will not only be proud of Indonesia, the presence of Lalu Muhammad Zohri in the men’s 100-meter dash at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will also bring the fragrance of Southeast Asia.

The reason is that Lalu Muhammad Zohri became the only representative from Indonesia and Southeast Asia for the number of matches in athletics. Undoubtedly, high hopes are on Zohri’s shoulders.

Then Muhammad Zohri

In addition, Indonesia has seven successes in athletics. While it’s not a grand goal to win a medal, Zohri is expected to be able to get very far in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Indonesia’s pride in having a sprinter as great as Zohri is even greater because the athlete is known to be the only representative from Southeast Asia in the men’s 100-meter dash. This number of matches is also known to be the most prestigious in athletics, so many pairs of eyes will see it.

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A total of 84 sprinters will appear in this issue. Each country also has a quota limit of only three athletes who can compete in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

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The main standard for qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics is a time of 10.05 seconds. In addition, there are global rankings and invitations.

Zohri himself was able to qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics with a standard qualifying time of 10.05 seconds. The Lombok rider set a great record when he cut a time of 10.03 seconds in the 2019 Osaka Gold Grand Prix series in Japan.

Then, if you look at the list of sprinters who performed in the men’s 100 meters, there are no other representatives from Southeast Asia other than Zohri. Even on the world list and guests, there are no names of representatives like Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam.

In fact, several Southeast Asian countries have surpassed their representatives in the athletics of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. However, when it comes specifically to the prestigious men’s 100-meter dash, there is only the name of Indonesia, which is represented by Zohri.

Thanks to Zohri’s certainty that he will qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics with a standard time record, he is entitled to appear in the first round immediately. He has at least gone through one phase in the qualifying round and remains hopeful of qualifying for the semifinals.

Then Muhammad Zohri

So far, there is no doubt about Zohri’s record of successes. In 2018 he managed to be the fastest in the Junior Asian Championship and the Under-20 World Championship. In the same year, he also performed at the 2018 Asian Games and won a silver medal in the men’s 4×100 meters.

Continuing in 2019, Zohri was able to improve on his achievements when he appeared in the Asian championships. The 21-year-old runner finished successfully in second place with a record time of 10.13 seconds.

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