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Yes, the Risma must be recognized successfully in Noto Suroboyo


The event commemorating Bhayangkara's 73rd anniversary and the 726th anniversary of the city of Surabaya was filled with prayers for the healing of Mayor Tri Rismaharini. The caregiver Ponpes Bumi Shalawat Kiai Agoe Ali Masyhuri (Gus Ali) prayed for the mayor of that period to get along.

"If God wanted, Mrs. Risma recovered quickly, if he wanted God," said Gus Ali in AFP after attending the "Suroboyo praying" to Tugu Pahlawan on Sunday, 06/30/2019 ).

According to Gus Ali, Risma deserves a prayer for everyone. Because, while leading Surabaya, Risma was considered a success.

"Yes, we must admit that Risma has managed to organize Suroboyo. What is not recognized by people who are jealous. Bagus Suroboyo," added Gus Ali.

Informed previously, the mayor of Surabaya, Tri Rismaharini, left the Center for Integrated Surgery (GBU) at the UCI Center. Now, Risma is being treated in the internment room on the 6th floor of Dr. Soetomo de Graha Amerta RSU.

Public relations of Dr. Sooner of the RSU, Dr. Pesta Parulian, confirmed that Risma had left the ICU. According to him, the first mayor of Surabaya was transferred this afternoon.

"Yes, yes. This afternoon around 4:00 PM," said the party.

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