Tuesday , September 27 2022

A woman shares the heartbeat moment for giving birth to a stillborn boy


The woman shared a hearty moment when she gave birth to a stillborn boy.

Christie Watson was pregnant for 32 weeks when she was struggling.

After diagnosis of preeclampsia, the mother-mother had kidney failure, high blood pressure, painful headaches and blurred vision.

However, Christie described her pregnancy as "a miracle" for the three victories she had ever experienced.

Earlier this year she felt her son was moving the last time. The next day, she had an induced work and delivered her "sleeping baby".

Christie said she does not want to blame anyone for what happened, but she wants more to do to find out that her son is slowly dying.

Writing on Facebook, she said:

"If they had just done an ultrasound on that day to see that my placenta failed, they only made me bloody to see how my blood toxicity really was at that stage.

"Maybe he did not change the outcome of what happened, but the thing is I will never find out. I do not want to play guilt, but to be so neglected and feel like I was not listening to the people I put in the hands of the life I created and to be I failed as much as I was, it's not something I would want my worst enemy.

"I want to raise awareness, so no mother, no family must ever go through pain, heart, and loss through which I had to pass."

The mother said that she felt that she did not listen to the hospital or that she took it seriously when she said she knew something was wrong.

"I had to watch my family be so crossed out because of the loss of their nephew, granddaughter and cousins ​​and me because no one was enough to help when I needed it," she said.

"I want people to get to know my story, so they know when their stomach says something is wrong to fight for answers, to travel back and forth, until they know what's happening, to ensure and listen to them, because I now I have to go home to a kindergarten full of everything I need to raise a boy into an empty crib that my son never had to connect, into books I never read, his favorite clothes I never had to dress in general because I was not senses.

"Now I go home empty-handed with a broken heart, which will take a long time to cure."

Christie invited women to listen to their bodies and listen to others when they feel that something is wrong.

"We have to take care of ourselves and I can not even imagine that the other mother feels like having missed her baby like me," she said.

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