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"Absolutely incredible": a dancer board TV debuts at John Levis Christmas advertisement


The dancer from Korka spoke about her work after joining the new Christmas advertisement John Levis – her first TV spot.

Molly Vard, 23, who originally from Mallov at Co Corco, but now based in London, said she had been receiving support messages since The Boi and The Piano ad with Elton John were introduced today after a few weeks of speculation.

Screengrab from John Levis & Partners Christmas Advert 2018, in which Elton John is from Molly Vard in the scene. A request appearing on the scene.

When we talked to the Irish examiner during a break at the Themanman's The Pantomime Theaters, Cinderella, Molly said: "We had to sign contracts of confidentiality and denial because they did not want any details of advertising.

But now it's great when it's out. My phone jumped this morning with support messages. It's nice to go home for Christmas to experience a reaction at home. "

The festive TV commercials of the British brand chain have become part of the Christmas tradition over the past decade with a list of emotional advertisements that return to the heart of the world.

However, the marketing gurus of the chain turned to a good old-fashioned star and presented Elton John this year's offer.

The ad shows a handball man sitting alone on his piano and playing your song on his grandmother's piano, while the moments of his life are played in a style of close-up for the audience.

As they return, they see themselves playing at the stadium, in a private jet, recording a song in the studio, and as a teenager, playing a piano on stage at school, and the mother looks at the audience.

Molly Vard

Molly, who attended St Mary's High School in Mallow, studied ballet under Sinead Murphy at Cork School of Dance before studying music at three years at Bird College in England, is shown in a segment depicting young Elton John, plays the piano at a Christmas rally, with family and friends gathered around the piano.

Pray to see standing on the edge of the piano, dancing with an older man, while young Elton break the melody.

She told RedFM Nevs earlier that there was incredible secrecy around the whole process of audition and production process.

"All we knew was that it was called KS Project. I went to the audition and I asked to do some improvised dances in the 60s," she said.

My agent called me sometime later to say that I had a job, but we did not know anything about the client, advertisement or any detail. I got a contract only on the day of the shooting. It's absolutely incredible to be involved in this.

She thanked her parents, Eddie, and especially her mother, Silvia, for driving her to school several times a week when she was a teenager.

In the meantime, while the ad is shown on TV during Christmas, Molly will be on stage as part of an ensemble for presentations of Cinderella at Everiman and Cada, which opens on December 1 and lasts until January 13th.

This year's Christmas ad John Levis completely:

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