Friday , June 25 2021

Addison was delighted after the outrageous Irish career

Vill Addison did not have to think long ago of his first start to Ireland as a Robbie Henshav injury in warming, which means that the 26-year-old Ulstera is quick to speed up.

But this is the way the player Kumbrian – who is qualified by Irish through his mother Enniskillen – preferred him, as he told RTE Sporta Damien O'Meara after the match.

"It was a real whirlwind, but that's probably the way I would like to. I have nothing to think but except what's coming in front of me. The preparation we are working on during the week completely prepares me to come to these situations.

"I really enjoyed my opportunities, I have a lot to do. There were a lot of things that I did not do well, so I have the burden to go with the trainers, so I will understand this as blocking the building.

"My parents have not been around for so long, but luckily my girlfriend was here and it was great. I'm sure my parents will be next time."

A versatile return joined Ulster from Sale Sharks even before he even played for the province, his qualification for the game in Ireland was noticed.

He trained with Joe Schmidt in Australia, shortly after signing for Ulster.

Addison says he is excited to be part of Ulster's renewal of the project under Dan McFarland after their traumatic season 2017-18.

"I had a great time with Ulster," he said. "We have really good construction there, I think Dan McFarland has entered and pushed us to the second level. I think that there are building blocks there that in the next few years we can have some success with the talent they have there.

"I had a taste of the environment (ireland international) in Australia when I had several days of training, from the very beginning you could see what is required of each player and the standards you set up, and once you meet these standards, you are pretty decent on the weekend good place. "

Although the victory was eventually secured, Ireland's performances left many observers who were subjected to Argentina, providing tough resistance, while the hosts did not find a breathing space in the last quarter.

Addison acknowledges the irrationality of the Irish games sometimes, but quickly highlights the quality of Argentina's mitigation.

"If you look at that team of Argentina and what they did at the previous Rugby Championship, they were sometimes excluded," he said. "They beat Australia away from home, South Africa and really pushed New Zealand, so they look like a top team at this point.

"It took an 80-minute effort. It certainly was not elegant in time, but that's something that definitely needs to be done."

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