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An open letter to Rory Beggan


Dear Rory,

Sorry. I'm sorry to have chosen you for the best. Excuse me, Rory Beggan, the best goalkeeper in the Gaelic football this past season, felt that you almost had to apologize for your expertise. I'm sorry that if it is hardened in any way. It was never an intention.

And thanks. Thank you for the class you showed respecting Stephen Clucton, undoubtedly the biggest goalkeeper in gel soccer, as you did in All-Star last Friday night.

Thank you for the humor you have shown about your dash of the game on Sunday, asking you not to take it away from you.

This should be all about you. As Ciaran Villan discovered, this vote "was not even close" to your advantage. Eighteen championships. The accuracy of the evacuation, taking into account the distance many of them traveled, drove the vessel to a different level. Willingness to be offered as an additional defender as a facilitating exit or to launch attacks. Bualadh bos.

If you were not as good as you, Stephen would be a recipient. As you said, a man is an inspiration for you as well as for every goalkeeper and footballer in the country. As much as anyone would like to believe, All-Star or All-Stars will never be able to define their enormous contribution to the game. But this year? This year you were superior, Rory. You were Jeff Bakley to his Leonardo Cohen.

All of you both.

But this is not all about you. Unfortunately, the context has blurred your new title and it's on us as a selection committee.

As you undoubtedly remember, in 2015, the first in Dublin four times in a row, you were on the list with Brendan Kealy and Paul Durkan.

Stephen was not (even Vhelan in his All-Stars agreed with Keal and you were the best in that year), but that's a season that is mentioned as an example of "snub".

Be sure, Rory, you are not a compromise or the next best alternative.

Stephen was and has never been rejected, ignored or rejected by the selection committee.

Left out? Yes. Lost? Yes. But it was never rejected.

These former GPA officials and players from Dublin who attended the meetings in the submissions / testimony testify to this. Had the captain and goalkeeper who had won All-Ireland in the last four years had no restrictions with All-Stars? Only others were better. You were just better.

And you probably respect Vhelan as a pandite, but there are some time – just times, bother – when dub surrenders to the analyst. It was one of such occasions last Thursday morning. His observation that the media may have somehow had this for Stephen because of his unwillingness to talk to us was from Trump's book: plant seeds and observe how weeds are growing.

The strong reputation of Vhelan's legitimizes this wrong theory and you certainly have not talked only to the second Sunday about how goalkeepers will soon score goals and toys on it. But your mouth did not win this All-Star, Rory. Stephen did not lose either him or anyone else. You were just better.

Vendettes against amateur sports people are kids, Rory. Six years ago, Joe Canning quoted reporters, who said his elder brother, Ollie, was drawn from the context and presented "very poor GAA journalism".

The writers may have felt damaged, and their integrity was questioned, but Canning has since picked up three of his five All-Stars, one of them in the year in question. How about evil?

Vhelan's comments do not take into account how GAA journalism functions these days, when the vast majority of interviews with interstate players, including your government, are events. In the fifth place? It's not a big deal.

Eleven years of his younger, Rory, we could eventually celebrate you as much as we have Stephen in the seasons. And that's what really matters in the cow: we did not consecrate pens from columnist inches to a big man just to deny him the All-Star simply because he does not like to publicly express his thoughts. You were just better.

We can not speak for the whole committee, but in such a competition as journalism, where originality has never been evaluated, the group thought is best avoided. We know during the year even though your work was very admired in the print boxes.

Man, even Pat Spillane, the same man who said on Sunday that you chose via Clucton was "the biggest mistake of all," claims after Ulster's victory in your county over Tirone, "Dublin fans will not like to say this but appreciate Rory Beggan is now the best goalkeeper in the country. "

As his article, a member of the selection committee, must smile when thinking about it. To think about it, the thoughts of other players who challenged your choice as a top goalkeeper also replaced others in the All-Stars group that you liked.

Perhaps because the The Sunday Game Team of the year they contributed was not respected because they felt so damaged in choosing, but at least Vhelan and Tomas O had the courage to say that we should fulfill them.

Vhelan ("The story is that it's not even close, which is also worrying in terms of votes"), "Se" (this is not personal for Rory Beggan, but I would give him (Clucton) every year ") and Spillane (" I suppose that now I should equate my record of the nine All-Stars ") want to put a star on your honor, Rory, but I can not. It happened, its history, and it deserved it.

Stephen is a wonder whose rule is not measured by seasons, but cumulatively its consistency is inappropriate. Nobody can deny that his position as number two of David Clarke and you in the last three years makes him number one. Nobody wants it.

But this season, this one campaign, you were just better.

Kevin O & # 39; Donovan has his vision

Although it was not without any impact, such as Croke Park, it was a brave new world that Cork accepted last Thursday by naming Kevin O'Donnell as the new mayor's secretary.

It was not that O'Donoan did not make his rods or that the county was moving in a new direction – the appointment of his and Tracey Kennedy as vice-presidents and presidents spoke of changed times – but that was far from being called up to call it how to make it .

Just two years ago, the then home trainer circulated a 25-point plan for the future of Cork GAA.

Nevertheless, it was worth enough of what he had preached for him to win the race for the vice-president and in his public pronouncements there was evidence of serious intellect and enormous passion for the county.

We recall how in 2016 returned to Martin Fogarty as "patronizing" because he said that Cork was not in a crisis.

He then added: "It reminds me of Tom Hanks, Castaway, film. The former part of the film is being implemented by sending SOS signals from its desert island, waiting for a rescue boat to arrive.

Then, after a period of extreme sadness, he begins to build his own abortion, which ultimately leads to his salvation. It does not seem that the rescue boats will be launched for Cork that drops at any time soon. So, it's high time to build your own raft, it's time for us to start splitting some trees.

Kork's higher success in Munster seems to contradict O'Neill's fears, but the continuation of the deficiency at the minor level does not. He entered large shoes and would be incapable of relying on Frank Murphy as an advisor now and for some time into the future. But it's clear that the new man has his own vision.

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