Friday , February 26 2021

Black McDonald’s franchisee sues fast food giant for racial discrimination | Business news

A former professional baseball player who owns a number of McDonald’s restaurants is suing the fast food giant for racial discrimination.

A civil rights lawsuit filed in federal court by a single sprint star, Herbert Washington, who played for Oakland Athletics in the mid-1970s, says the company has shown more favorable treatment for white franchisees and has prevented it. buy outlets in more affluent communities.

The 69-year-old argues that the firm’s discriminatory practices have led to a $ 700,000 (£ 505,000) difference in sales between black-owned and white-owned franchises.

This photo from the 1975 file shows Herb Washington
The one-time speed star played for Oakland Athletics in the mid-1970s

McDonald’s has refuted the allegations and blamed Mr. Washington’s situation for his “years of mismanagement.”

According to demand, franchises in the poorest areas cost more to operate, have a higher employee turnover, and are less profitable.

Court documents said, “By relegating black homeowners to older stores in the toughest neighborhoods, McDonald’s assured that black franchisees would never reach the levels of success that white franchisees could expect.

“Black franchisees have to spend more to operate their stores, while white franchisees manage to get the most out of their jobs.”

It follows similar claims by more than 50 former black McDonald’s franchise owners in a lawsuit filed against the company last September, saying they were forced to sell about 200 stores in the past decade.

Washington said it had been battling a two-tier system since it bought its first franchise in Rochester, New York, 40 years ago.

At one time, it had 27 restaurants, but now it only has 14 to 12 in Ohio and two in Pennsylvania.

She blames her difficulties with the company for challenging her on behalf of other black McDonald’s owners.

Washington said, “McDonald’s has pointed me to extinction. The bows are in large-scale retaliation mode against me.”

He added: “Its appearance is that in many cases, white proprietary operators have restaurants with more volume than black ones.

“They are given opportunities for higher volume restaurants, which puts them in a position to be more successful.

“Its cost to run these restaurants is much cheaper.

“As an example, I have a restaurant where I have to be safe, okay? My counterpart has a restaurant on the other side of town that doesn’t have to be safe.”

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McDonald’s has responded: blamed on Mr. Washington’s “years of mismanagement” situation

Denying the allegations, McDonald’s said Washington was “facing business challenges” and that the company “had invested significantly in its organization,” while offering it “multiple opportunities over several years to address these issues.”

The firm’s statement added, “This situation is the result of years of mismanagement by Mr. Washington, whose organization has not met many of our standards on people, operations, guest satisfaction, and reinvestment.”

The former Michigan State track star has a unique place in baseball history, having played 105 games for Oakland Athletics in 1974-75, but never hit or went on the field with a glove, being used solely as a runner.

Washington won a championship ring after participating in three World Series of Athletics games in his 1974 victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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