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Deloitte Football Money League: Liverpool join Man Utd in the top five for 2019-20 Football news

Liverpool have been ranked among the top five clubs in the Deloitte Football Money League during that time in almost 20 years.

The Money League represented the financial performance of the highest-income clubs during the interrupted 2019-20 season.

Barcelona tops the list ahead of the Champions League winners Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, with Manchester United in fourth place ahead of Premier League champions Liverpool.

Deloitte noted that Liverpool’s success on the pitch helped him rise from seventh place in 2018-19 and place him in the top five for the first time since the 2001-02 season.

Manchester City is sixth on the list, with Premier League clubs Tottenham (ninth), Arsenal (11th) and Everton (17th) also in the top 20.

Overall, the top 20 clubs recorded a 12% drop in revenue compared to 2018-19 due to the drop in broadcast revenue and the drop in daytime revenue.

Money League 2019-20 (Position and income last year in parentheses, figures in millions)

1 (1) Barcelona GBP 627.1 (GBP 741.1)
2 (2) Real Madrid £ 627 (£ 667.5)
3 (4) Bayern Munich GBP 556.1 (GBP 581.8)
4 (3) Manchester United GBP 509 (GBP 627.1
5 (7) Liverpool £ 489.9
6 (6) Manchester City £ 481.6 (£ 538.2
7 (5) PSG GBP 474.1 (GBP 560.5)
8 (9) Chelsea GBP 411.9 (GBP 452.2)
9 (8) Tottenham £ 390.9 (£ 459.3)
10 (10) Juventus GBP 349 (GBP 405.2)
11 (11) Arsenal GBP 340.3 (GBP 392.4)
12 (12) Borussia Dortmund £ 320.7 (£ 327.6)
13 (13) Atletico Madrid GBP 291 (GBP 324)
14 (14) Inter Milan £ 255.6 (£ 321.3
15 (28) Zenit £ 207.4
16 (15) Schalke GBP 195.4 (GBP 286.3)
17 (19) Everton £ 185.9 (£ 185.5)
18 (17) Lyon £ 158.5
19 (20) Naples £ 154.6 (£ 182.8)
20 (27) Eintracht Frankfurt £ 152.6 (£ 160.6)

Liverpool’s return to the top five he explained

Talking to Sky Sports News, Tim Bridge, director of Deloitte Sports Business Group, said moving towards a “digital model” had helped Liverpool take fifth place, at the top of Premier League success.

“Success on the playing field is a huge factor,” Bridge said. “Relying on winning the Champions League and then getting the Premier League crown for the first time has had a significant impact. They have made significant progress towards a more digital model and have been doing so for a number of years.”

“This has benefited them compared to other people during the pandemic, because they are able to relate to their fans in a way that others would probably have to pick up the pace.”

But Bridge warned that the rankings “could have been different” if match times worked differently.

Liverpool played their Champions League draw in the round of 16 in one year, while Manchester City (due to a covid) were straddling two financial years.

“But with these locations, be a little careful because with the times of the matches they were able to generate more revenue ahead of Manchester City,” Bridge said.

“If the times were a little different, it’s possible that these classifications were different.”

The biggest decline in Man Utd

United recorded the most significant year-on-year decline among the top 20 clubs in the Money League, with Bridge highlighting his lack of Champions League football as a contributing factor.

Bridge said: “The reason for the decline is mainly driven by the pandemic, as you can imagine Manchester United with a huge fan base generating significant revenue every time they play at Old Trafford.

“They will be impacted in a more significant way than many other clubs. Of course, last year they also did not have Champions League football, so the income differential of the competition in the Europa League compared to the Champions League was very important.impact on the numbers.

“But caution must be exercised. With Bayern Munich ahead, they were able to complete their national season on time, so Bayern’s figures represent a full year of national football, while for United they are limited.”

Why Everton saw its revenue rise

Everton, along with Russian club Zenit, were the only two clubs in the top 20 to see revenue increase compared to 2018-19.

“For anyone who has seen Everton’s plans around the new stadium and the investment in the playing staff, it has an ambitious owner looking to get ahead,” Bridge said.

“When a new owner comes in, we talk about an investment cycle and it often requires a significant investment on the pitch in order to generate future business revenue, and what Everton has been able to do is secure some partnerships in long term.

“A new t-shirt sponsorship with Cazoo and the deal with Hummel, but there is a significant deal within his commercial portfolio regarding future stadium name rights with USM. This is the driving force behind the increase. commercial “.

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