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Donoghue's bar offers a glass for a very successful year


The profits earned in one of the most famous pubs in the State, O'Donoghue, in Merrion Row in Dublin, increased 52 percent last year to 521,152 euros.

In a year of protection for the business, the benefits of O & N; Donoghue (Merrion Row) Ltd increased the 179,998 euros in the € 341,154 of profits registered in 2017.

The pub is owned and operated by the Barden family, and Carol Barden said on Tuesday: "We were very happy with the past trade in a very competitive market.

"We are lucky enough to have a large and hard working team and a customer base that is a mixture of locals and visitors."

The numbers used in the company last year were static at age 18.

The directors' remuneration was reduced to € 354,859, which amounted to 154,859 euros in payment and 200,000 euros in pension contributions, from 605,555 euros in the previous year.

The pub has been associated for a long time with traditional Irish music and The Dubliners in particular, which began to play in the pub of the sixties.

The venue was built in 1789 and started working as a full-time pub in 1934 when Maureen and Paddy O'Donoghue started to work with the bar.

Oliver Barden bought the pub in 1988.

The benefits take into account depreciation costs not effective at 210,882 euros.

The company's bank loans were reduced to 254,063 euros, from 451,606 euros during the fiscal year.

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