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Facebook reviews messaging as it pivots privacy


Facebook has announced a review of its main social network, taking the first concrete steps to reform itself in a private messaging and e-commerce business while trying to pass beyond a scandal while approaching new sources of privacy. revenues

The CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, unveiled a new design for the largest social network in the world that highlighted its NewsFeed and showed its messaging, online market and video on demand application.

The company also deployed functions aimed at encouraging users to interact with their close social circle, as well as with companies, such as a "secret secretion" option for Facebook Dating and a dating reservation tool.

In March, Mr. Zuckerberg promised changes to the social media company driven by advertising, as it was under regulatory control over the propaganda on its platform and the privacy of users' data.

The Facebook news feed continues to draw advertising dollars, but the growth of users in their most lucrative markets has slowed down.

"We believe that there is a community for everyone. So we have been working on a major evolution to make the communities as central as friends," Mr Zuckerberg said today speaking at the annual Facebook F8 conference, where the The company gives an eye to developers launching new products.

Zuckerberg identified private messaging, short-lived stories and small groups such as online communication areas that grow faster. In the last three years, the number of people who use WhatsApp on Facebook has almost doubled.

The social networking company is working on "speed of light" so that its Messenger application is smaller and faster.

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Facebook will also introduce Messenger for Mac and Windows and launch a feature called "product catalog" for WhatsApp Business. The desktop version of Messenger will be available this fall.

At the end of this week, Facebook will conduct a test in Canada for a major change in the Instagram application that would eliminate the number of likes of the photos, as well as the video views of user feeds, pages of # 39 ; permanent link and profiles.

Facebook had delayed the deployment of certain products to the F8 event of last year, which came shortly after revealing that it misappropriated information of 87 million users with Cambridge's British political consultant, Analytica, now extinct .

"I know we do not have exactly the strongest reputation in terms of privacy right now, to put it mildly," said Zuckerberg.

Other Facebook executives introduced changes to Messenger and Instagram applications to help businesses connect with customers, including enhanced dating and purchase features, as well as a tool to attract customers in direct conversations with companies through ads.

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