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Hitman 2 is the best James Bond game for years


A rare video game where "more than the same" is really welcome.

The Hitman The franchise is strange.

To be honest, it's a little strange that the Grand Theft Auto, Manhunt and Bully received so many Helen Lovejoi complaints from the public, while Hitman largely avoided controversy.

The second entry into the series – Hitman 2: Silent Assassin – from 2002 was under pressure thanks to the level that showed the Siksa assassination in the Harmandir Sahib, a holy site where hundreds of Sikhs were massacred in 1984.

That section was clearly later removed from the game by complaints, but to a large extent Hitman was free to walk his own murderous journey.

Much of it comes down to the charm of the game; a mixture of focus of play that prioritizes covertness and cunning because of the comprehensive violence and black series of humor that are rarely felt too exploitative or unusual.

As illustrated below, Agent 47 comes a long way from the turn of the century.

Pip through Nick930

As graphics, games and technology developed, Hitman's stooge, a bald and bar-coded anti-hero, is also.

The story of Agent 47 is glorious over the top and there are seven matches, but these are notes of the cliff; He is a genetically enhanced clone purpose, made to be superior weapon.

As such, he travels around the world by killing selected targets for a murder agency and is the best in the world for what he is doing.

Every new game reveals the story a bit further, but it's really a secondary matter about it.

In recent years, they have seen unusual studios and developers of games, so Hitman has just passed through the mill.

2012 Hitman: Absolution is perfectly designed in terms of mechanics, feelings and aesthetics, but both were limiting given that the player was allowed to work, and the story was impeccably poor.

In 2016 he saw a reset button and Hitman was reborn. This game was released in episodes, some of which claimed to hurt sales, even if it ordered the player to explore each individual aspect of each new level.

All in all, it was an excellent restructuring of the series, with huge detailed maps, sharp gaming and a tone of re-evaluation in the form of numerous ways to deal with jobs, various awards through the game master and a lot of additional available content.

What brings us to 2018 and Hitman 2.

Pip through HITMAN

For some time it looked as if Hitman 2 might not happen, but with the IO Interactive developer who picked up the Varner Bros. publisher. Interactive, it was time for agent 47 to be again forgiven.

With a small way of developing time between games and general uncertainty in the air, supporters and critics threw themselves into more than the same.

And so Hitman 2 is basically just six more folders with extra light and a few new bells and whistles.

That's what the drug ordered, really. It's rarely that "more than the same" is accepted or even wants in the world of games, but it works here.

Hitman does not require a new game engine. Mostly, it's smooth as silk, even when a lot of unstoppable characters are filled, such as the Miami level that takes place in the Formula 1 style in real time.

Of course, one of your targets is one of the drivers. That level is the perfect microcosm of what Hitman does to be excellent; series of watches for heating that require precision and patience to win.

Again, as always, you can go into a firearm if you want, but you will probably die quickly, while that point also is missing.

Hitman does not want you to do it. Of course, you have at your disposal an ever-increasing arsenal of all picturesque weapons, but it's essentially Metal Gear Solid, if the Dragon was a contract killer.

Hitman 2

When you break, Agent 47 is James Bond in everything except for the name. Super stylish, extremely ruthless, loves masks and a strange statue, good at eliminating evil from the world.

This is another thing in which this series has always thrilled; funny bad guys that you should not feel too guilty about doing.

Indeed, a briefing meeting is even concluding with the line: "They are coming."

So do not feel bad, kids! Agent 47 just does his job.

Back to the comparison 007 for a moment.

Hitman 2 – and its predecessor, whose levels are inserted into this as a neat puzzle so you can go back with the ease and new features of this game – you are legitimately feeling like what should be done with a great video game by James Bond.

Globe tour, rich work with people, and a sense of weight for each stroke.

The real joy of Hitman, however, is a double and a little contradictory.

Hitman 2

A pure hit can take up to several minutes or a few hours (or more, honestly) depending on your strategy.

With so many ways to go to your mission, you can truly play the same card many times and have a different experience.

The real adrenaline crowd comes when you find your own way – excluding the "Mission Stories" that are in essence holding your hand fully advised – and ask yourself a series of complex methods that will win the day.

If you really give yourself a covert and perfect approach, you will find a tension approaching as close as possible to the end.

Exhausting for a long afternoon, realizing one level and collecting in shadows just for that one A tiny mistake and all this is falling apart around you is a really intense situation.

So, even when it goes awfully upside down, it's somehow going brilliant right.

Accelerated gaming is a bonus, but it's really all about how you Play. Hitman 2 offers the player a real sense of freedom, one that tightens the wire from the yellow tape to perform the excellence of its execution.

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