Friday , January 28 2022

If you buy … OnePlus 6T?


As for top smartphones, just under £ 600 is worth your attention, which with some high-end phones easily exceeds 1,000 letters these days.

OnePlus surely guided the way in delivering value for money on its previous devices and hoped it would do all along with OnePlus 6T, just six months after its predecessor, OnePlus 6.

Has the Chinese smartphone manufacturer done enough to keep the users happy?

Discrete notch

The OnePlus 6T (Jamie Harris / PA)

An ever-popular smartphone phone is designed to provide more space to display and extract as fast as something that OnePlus obviously had in its last phone.

On a small rounded notch there is only a front camera camera on the 6T, squeezing the loudspeaker to the edge – a welcome move that makes the phone the best quality on the market.

In addition, the 6T model does not differ from its predecessor, without any real design distinction in a world saturated with smartphones.

OnePlus 6T works on Android Pie (Jamie Harris / PA)

From the back you can notice that everything remains the same here, with one exception missing a fingerprint scanner. This is because OnePlus is a smartly built-in screen scanner on the front, a fairly neat way to hide a different ugly shot that has seen the construction of many smartphones.

The futuristic-looking scanner flashes green when touched, but sometimes it may take a little longer than the traditional fingerprint scanner.

OnePlus also remains securely difficult as it did on the previous phone, and with the security of face recognition. With two methods that work simultaneously, access to the phone is much higher.

A lot of batteries to keep you up

Fingerprint scanner on OnePlus 6T (Jamie Harris / PA)

Another significant upgrade from OnePlus is the increase in battery capacity, which means that you can now use a decent 6T day when you are working on a mix of tasks on your phone.

More power hungry activities, such as watching movies, will consume the battery faster, like most phones. In the case of 6T, a film that lasts an hour and a half at full brightness cleared 15% of the battery's battery.

One major drawback is the lack of wireless charging – although it's not critical, it's a convenient touch that consumers expect on a smartphone.

In addition to the battery, the 6T handles power, without any problems running more applications on Android Pie with ease and speed.

The screen and the camera will be delighted

An example of a photo taken on OnePlus 6T (Jamie Harris / PA)

The 6T display packages contain 6.41in, providing the same intensity in color and lighting range – an impressive endeavor when factoring is in the price.

Two cameras on the back, coming in 16 megapixels and 20 megapixels, perfectly capture bright moments in the open space, but the problem of poor lighting is still difficult to solve, even with the Nightscape mode using AI.

Something else?

After the usual trend in smartphones, the headphone jack has completely disappeared to 6T, but users will not be forced to buy Bluetooth headsets yet, as the box includes an adapter.

OnePlus 6T is the first phone of a company without a headphone jack (Jamie Harris / PA)


Starting from $ 499 and up to $ 579 at the highest point of storage, the OnePlus 6T is simply one of the most versatile smartphones you will find today, providing a serious value for money. Of course, it's not as similar as the iPhone KSS or Picell 3, but 6T saves hundreds of pounds for the same initial experience of a smartphone that you will not complain about.– Press Association

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