Tuesday , May 17 2022

Irish rock band The Stripes shocked fans by calling


The fans were shocked after the Irish band The Stripes announced that they are getting dissolved today.

Cavan's rockers posted a message on Twitter announcing a sudden breakdown.

They said in remarks: "Over the past seven years, we played in toilets and theaters, in cafes and castles, from Skotshaus to Tokyo and again.

"We were in sleeping rooms and buses, planes, trains and cars.

"We worked on television, on the radio and on the record.

"It was fun and exciting, boring and dangerous, easy, difficult, frustrating, satisfying and incredible.

"It was life and life.

"But we decided to call the time for The Stripes.

"Thank you all. See you in the next drawing!

"Ross, Josh, Pete and Ev."

The fans were shocked, but they wanted them on the following adventures.

The Irish Rock Museum said: "Thanks for the music guys and the guitar …"

The Stripes in his new video

To what the band replied: "At least we went into the museum!"

The fan said, "Promise to at least make a reunion when you are like 50. Please."

Another said, "I've seen over 600 live gigs and you've been up there with the best of them."

The third person said: "Thank you for everything.

"You taught me REAL music.

"I will never forget your extremely incredible, exciting performances."

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