Friday , February 26 2021

Latest news from Meghan and Harry


Meghan Markle, wife of Prince Harry, was a popular American TV actress before switching TV sets for palaces and royal galas when she got married in 2018. But what is her net worth?

According to Business Insider, Meghan has an estimated net worth of £ 3.8 million ($ 5 million) she accumulated from her acting career.

He starred in more than 100 episodes of the legal drama Suits, where he was paid £ 40,463 ($ 50,000) per episode, according to, towards the end of his acting career.

Meghan earned about £ 291,339 ($ 360,000) with her roles in the 2010 films Remember Me and The Candidate.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry’s net worth is at least £ 19.2 million ($ 25 million), which consists of an inheritance from Princess Diana and an annual bonus from Prince Charles.

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