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Love Island 2019 cast: Who is said to be heading to the town?


After the huge success of the fourth series of Love Island (the final was the most watched program on a non-terrestrial channel since the 2012 Olympics), it is not unusual for the program to be instantly renewed for a fifth series

Come to June this year, another cohort of beautiful people will go to the sunny areas of Spain looking for love (or, at least, a mouth tooth whitening) as they spend the summer one to the other and they get to assassinate the hope of winning the cash prize of 50,000 pounds sterling.

And it seems that we are just a few weeks to discover exactly who is going to enter the city, and Caroline Flack has revealed that she is aware of who is on the sign before the end of April.

Speaking on Easter Monday (April 22), he told his story on Instagram: "At the end of the week, I will have seen the cast this year, which is really exciting and crazy. this is coming quickly. "

But who will move to Mallorca in the hope of agreeing with The One? Here you have everything we know so far.

What kind of characters will the Love Island team launch?

The winning formula of Love Island seems to have been derived from the stellar work of the casting team that is striving to find a varied mix of individuals that balance the fact of being compatible with each other while doing a good television

Several of those who participate in the program are manually selected by the producers, but others are selected after achieving a rigorous application process, which includes sending a video next to it with a series of selfies without filters.

The last two series, which have seen the program become more popular, seem to have balanced the balance between the quest for desperate fame and true romance: despite having some criticism for not presenting a fairly diverse cast .

Along with the usual models, personal trainers and influential Insta that have become Love Island's basic products, the most recent editions have also included a "semi-famous" Icelandic interest, with Dani Dyer and Marcel "You knew it was in Blazin" Somerville's template becomes the fundamental pillars of the town in its respective series.

And besides including some slightly larger contestants who bring a more nuanced and mature perspective on love that had not been stuck to her (for example, Laura and Paul from series four), the show started Champion of the islanders who stand out from the rest of the perma-corti cohort of the town: see the third runner-up in the Camilla Thurlow series and Dr. Alex George, who will continue to burn only in series four.

So these are some of the types that we could expect to see in Mallorca this year, but what about the most specific rumors about who is being explored? Turn like this …

Who has been rumored for the formation of Love Island 2019?

Soph Piper

Sophie Piper, Rochelle Humes (Instagram image)

The little sister of Rochelle Humes speaks in advance to enter the town.

"A source close to Love Island" explained that the producers expect that the young man of 20 years this year Dani Dyer.

"The heads of ITV2 are very interested so that Soph is the star of the series this year," he told The Sun's privileged information. "Last year they had Dani and his claim with dad Danny capturing the viewers and increased the ratings of the program.

"This year they hope to do the same with Rochelle and her younger sister, which is her image.

"Soph is the island's perfect island: it's incredibly beautiful and loves to meet new people after a season in Ibiza.

"He is currently deciding with his family if it is the right decision for her, but it seems a strong possibility."

Lotan Carter

Apparently, the old star of the Big Brother met with producers of Island of Love to star in series 5.

Carter, who had previously worked as Dreamboy, was worried about the fact that his realistic TV past could retain it.

"Lotan is really successful and has been training to see the camera better," a source told The Sun.

"The producers seemed really interested, but he is worried so that his show of reality can work against him.

"However, he has some very good stories about celebrities and he would do a great television.

"And he seeks love. He wants to find One and he hopes he can find someone who fits the program."

Megan Barton Hanson … again

Megan Barton Hanson, Love Island

Whether you wanted to or bothered her, Megan Barton Hanson made the view of Love Island unforgettable last year.

The bodacious blonde was everything that caused the bomb when it was entered at eight in the day, and instantly turned the heads into the town, even those who were in the most comfortable couplings that tend to deflect themselves .

While Dr. Alex initially tried (and eventually failed) to get into it, Megan chose to join the deep hashtag of Eyal Booker, with the couple all the way to the Hideaway – before he left him with the immortal line, "You are not exactly Jim Carrey."

Instead of that, "Muggy" Meg broke what seemed to be the most unbreakable couple in town, with Wes Nelson leaving Laura for Meg almost immediately after having heard that he was interested in him.

Although his romance was not without his ups and downs (Alex-with glasses at Casa Amor, nobody?), The couple came to the final live of the series, finishing fourth – and in Reality seemed to really fall in love when they moved. together shortly after the program.

Wes Nelson and Megan Barton-Hanson at Love Island (ITV, HF)

Wes Nelson and Megan Barton-Hanson at Love Island (ITV, HF)

But the peers from their separation after the appearance of Wes on Dancing on Ice, and Meg's friends have made it clear that the former glamor model would be willing to do the show again.

"Megan will be about to meet new types that have already ended Wes," a friend told the Daily Star newspaper.

"It is understandable that he is annoyed that he has not fulfilled, but that there is no need to pay attention to the past.

"We consider it the ideal tonic to overcome Wes. I should now apply it."

Jane Park

The Lottery Nature Park, Jane Park, first entered the public eye when it collected 1 million pounds of Euromillions in just 17 years.

Now, twenty-seven years old, Jane intends to negotiate in Scotland with Spain this summer with the intention of finding love in the city.

"Jane made it clear that she is looking for the perfect type and believes that Love Island is an ideal place to start," she told The Sun.

"The bosses approached her before, but Jane did not feel prepared. She is single now and considers that the time is right to explore the options.

"Last year he loved the show and believes that he could give him something long lasting."

The millionaire has admitted that it is "difficult" to meet men because of their strong win in the lottery.

Talking to Sunday People last year, he explained: "I have had couple relationships and left me with a huge guard. With the latter, I gave him gifts. I thought he would be happy.

"Every week I bought a Rolex, a car, clothes. I regret everything."

Love Island is Jane's last offer to try to find a romance, after having offered a subsidy of 60,000 pounds sterling for wine and dinner.

"Nobody called attention to him," the source continued. "Jane knows that the contestants of Love Island are examined and believes that she will have a better quality of man there."

Sairah Pinnock

Big sister's sister Little Mix, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Sairah was accused by the tabloids of entering Love Island last year.

An informer on the island of Love Island told The Sun: "Sairah is one of the reservations of Love Island that could be thrown into the mix at any time during one of the episodes.

"She had her fair share of bad relationships, so she's fine and really looking for love and a long-term relationship."

Nevertheless, its inclusion seems less likely to the five series, after Leigh-Anne de Little Mix published the show by its lack of diversity.

Amelia Goodman

Amelia Goodman comes from a family of television protagonists, with her sister Chloe Goodman appearing on Ex on the Beach and Celebrity Big Brother. His other sister, Lauryn, is also no stranger to the game of fame, with 56,000 followers Instagram.

Amelia does not lag behind with 23 k followers on Instagram, which is described as influential in Brighton's social networks. It was rumored for Love Island 2018, with Mail Online stating that it has already met with producers and casting heads.

In 2019 could it be your time to shine?

Ethan Allen

Gabby Allen's magnificent little brother became the boss when he appeared briefly in the 2017 edition of Love Island, and many asked Leeds University the chance to participate in the program.

His popularity saw him meet with the heads of the series ahead of the 2018 series.

"Ethan did not want to follow the program initially, although Gabby had such an incredible moment," Sun told a source.

"But the producers were eager to get it on board and it was a couple of meetings.

"It is not yet completely on board and it is too soon to say who will definitely go to the fair, but is in talks and Gabby encouraged him to do so."

Braelin Kail Peery

The US American star Braelin Kail Peery confirmed that producers had been directed to participate in the fifth series of Love Island.

The 20-year Atlanta model seems to be a perfect forge for homes, after having gained more than 8,000 followers on Instagram and 21,000 followers on Twitter.

But Braelin, who stated that he was bisexual on his Twitter page last September, seems to be much more rewarded for packing and going to Mallorca during the summer.

When one of her followers urged her to participate, she replied: "I'm 20 years old and I have never had any relationship. I can no longer make love demonstrations."

Could you change your mind?

Ercan Ramadan

It seems that the only Marbs star approached in early January after their strong presence in social media and connections with other stars of the Island of Love drew the attention of the producers.

"The Aime Island casting agents approached people with low level fame to participate in the show this year, told Ercan that it would be the perfect adaptation for the show and that they really wanted him to board, "told The Sun a source.

"This year they know exactly who they want the program, everyone in Love Island must have a strong influence on social networks: it is key to the success of the program."

However, it may be too late to sign the star, and Ercan is already a favorite of Geordie Shore, Vicky Pattison.

From this program, from an informative program, Ercan was not addressed, saying to MailOnline: "It is not true, we have not auditioned these names."

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