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"Maybe he was looking out of the bushes" – a young woman's mother stabbed at an isolated bus station


Gwen Jackson with daughter Alice Ridsdale-Dooner (20)
Gwen Jackson with daughter Alice Ridsdale-Dooner (20)

The fife for relocating a bus station in West Dublin was supported by the mother of a young woman Meta Mit, who was stabbed on Saturday night during mugging.

Rubber's mother, Gene Jackson, who spoke in an effort to highlight the current problems at the bus station, said her daughter remained traumatized by the attack.

Alice Ridsdale-Dooner (20) waited at the bus stop in a slippery way for the 105 bus house to Ratoatha from Blanchardstown, when a man jumped from the bushes around 20h.

"She was just in the cinema with a friend who had received 109 buses from the same moment, she said earlier," said Gwen.

"A young man wearing a gray hat and bandan came out of the bushes, grabbed it, and threatened what looked like a bread knife.

"He said she would stab her if she did not give her her bag, so she, but somehow knew that her phone was in her pocket and asked for it.

Gardai is investigating an incident at the Blanchardstown bus station on Saturday night. Picture: Arthur Carron.

Gardai is investigating an incident at the Blanchardstown bus station on Saturday night. Picture: Arthur Carron.

"Maybe he looked out of the bushes and saw how to put it off.

"In the fight for his phone, he cut off his arm and then fled when two local girls came in to help her.

"The bus was on its way to the slipway. Two young girls, also from Ratoatha, sat with her on the bus to make sure she was OK and brought her home right to the door.

"I'm so glad the girls came when they worked because it might have been worse …

"The bus driver asked if he wanted to stop at the station, but only wanted to go home.

"She's very upset and traumatized, it's an open wound on her arm, but it's okay."

Gwen called Blanchardstovn and Ashbourne gardai on Saturday evening and officially reported the incident to Blanchardstown on Sunday.

She also says she reported an attack on Bus Eireann this morning.

Gwen calls everyone to sign a petition. It started six months ago in an effort to move the bus station and has already signed 2,000 people.

"It's so dangerous there. The bus station is so bad and isolated from any place.

"It's a station that uses a large number of students traveling to Blanchardstown from Meath and Louth"

The bus station serves 105 buses to Ashbourne, Ratoath and Drogheda, while Dunsaflin, Navan and Kells come to 109.

Chairman of the Association of Bus Users East Meath and North Dublin Andrev Ralph is a campaign to stop the bus station for several months.

"In March 2016, Bus Eireann decided to change bus routes without any consultation with the public, and moved this bus station to a slip road that has no shelter, safety or CCT, is poorly lit, and waiting passengers are sinking ducks for crime," he said.

"Most of the waiting passengers are older citizens or young people who have to get up to 20 minutes to get to it.

"Over the months, the number of women contacted me to say that the men stopped at the bus station and tried to force them into their cars.

"There are huge security problems here and you can not even see the bus station at night, it's so light," he continued.

"Bus Eireann must sit down and take into account the hazards that the location of this bus stop poses. It was raised with representatives of Bus Eireann at two public rallies in the last ten months.

"Just a few months ago, a number of teenagers robbed near the station on their way to catch a busy house in mid-July."

This petition can be accessed.

In a statement, Bus Eireann said: "Dublin buses Eireann do not service Blanchardstovn SC, due to large congestion problems there, and most of the customers on the journey travel to destinations in Meath or Louth and beyond.

"We have stopping speed on a slippery road to service this area, and also provide reliability of total driving time. Bus locations are also supervised by NTA and local authorities. Lighting in public places such as bus stations provides: Local authorities.

"Guards are responsible for coping with anti-social behavior across the country, and the company cooperates if any incident launches the network."

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