Thursday , May 13 2021

Mumps in the Claregalvaia area

Nevsroom – Galvai Bai fm – HSE issued an advisory decision on the outbreak of mumps in the Claregalvai area.
Mumps is an acute viral disease that causes fever, headaches and painful swollen glands that are in front of each ear.

The number of cases of mumps in the western region has increased, especially among those aged between 15 and 29 years.
HSE advises people to be up-to-date with two doses of MMR vaccine.
It is said that an additional dose of the vaccine will not do any harm and recommends to those who are not sure if they are up-to-date.
It should also be noted that it can take up to 28 days before people are protected by the vaccine.
If a child develops symptoms of mumps, parents are advised to contact their doctor and keep their children at home from the school, at least five days after the arrival of the door.

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