Saturday , October 1 2022

Netflik sued Satanic temple over the Hiling Adventures of Sabrina


The Satanic temple agreed with Netflick with a complaint over the display if the statue is in Hilling Adventures of Sabrina.

The group raised $ 50 million in copyright protection accusing streaming of the jingat to break down the temple statue of Baphomet to "hug" a satanic panic in the series.

At the center of the controversy, Baphomet – described in court documents as "androgynous divine divine deity".

The statue of the deity with two children is shown on the show, however, the group claims that the statues are similar to their Baphomet monument, which had the campaign together with the ten commandos in Oklahoma State Capitol, but who now live in Detroit after more protests.

Co-founder co-founder Lucien Greaves said the statue of Baphometa "repopulated" a similar monument to the characters in the show.

Sabrina Satanic Temple

"Many people who have not heard of us for the first time only recognize this monument as a monument to Sabrina, who dilutes and repels the entire project," he said.

Greaves added that the appearance of satanists as cannibals, murderers and non-Romans poorly mirrors peaceful members of Satan's temple.

"It very normalizes this idea that the only true meaning of this type of religious identification is that which can be associated with a patriarchal, cannibalistic cult," Greaves said.

"We are so overwhelmed with this anti-satanic fiction that many think it is necessary at all in such claims."

The Satanic temple became notorious for objections to Christian monuments and statues that were publicly displayed in the United States.

The group claims it does not promote evil and instead holds the basic principle that "unnecessary suffering is bad, and what reduces suffering is good." He salutes Satan as "a rebellion against God's power, not evil creatures."

In 2016, the organization launched a campaign in several public school districts in the US to establish school programs "Satane".

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