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Next-Gen Dragon Quest game is already under development


Square Enix has confirmed that there will be one next Dragon Questpresumably Dragon Quest XII, is already under development for the Dragon Quest equipment The project details are slightly expectant, but Square Enix notes that its goal is to create a game that will attract both new and old fans of the world. In other words, make a game that interests you more than your hardcore fans. One way to achieve this is with new hires, which will bring new ideas.

According to Square Enix, the development phase of the game development is now complete and the team is now entering a phase in which it will work to improve what is in it. Unfortunately, this is where the details are dried up and it seems we may not be able to hear or watch the game for a long time.

As you know, Dragon Quest It is a series of JRPG's long career since 1989 and has also had numerous spin-offs over the years, such as Dragon Quest Builders. The series is quite important in Japan, but it has never broken the western market significantly. No doubt, he has his followers in the west, but he has not achieved any level of main success, and some say he's not as popular as before.

All in all, the last entry in the series itself was quite good, as evidenced by our official review.

"In many ways, Dragon Quest XI: Echoes an illusory age It's the perfect JRPG. A work of alchemical wonder, the latest in Square Enix, separates and distills everything that has made the genre, and this series is fantastic throughout the decades, perfecting it and bringing it together to do something new and surprising If you've been playing Dragon Quest For almost thirty years like myself, or I'm looking for immersion in your first JRPG game, Dragon Quest XI It is presented as an example of presentation, rhythm and polishing …

"If you are a lover of the series for a long time, I can tell you from your personal experience that from the moment when the opening of the show sounds from the menu screen, until finally the The time you put the controller is reduced at the end of the trip. I am the most beautiful and attractive Dragon Quest adventure that I have experienced ".

Thank you, Gematsu.


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