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Plans to move the Drogheda school to Educate Together ended with the reaction of the parents

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THE DROGHEDA EDUCATE Together will have to remain in its current location, it has been announced, after parents and school leaders expressed their dismay at plans to move the high school to a new location.

Drogheda Educate Together School is currently located on Mill Road, east of Meath, but plans ratified by the Louth and Meath Education and Training Board (LMETB) would have moved it to St Oliver’s Community College grounds in the city.

Local technicians called the relocation plans “ridiculous” and said everyone’s preference was to keep the school located in the east side of Meath.

Plans for the new site would have involved the creation of modular buildings that would “invade a significant portion” of St Oliver’s playgrounds and recreational space.

It would have been the third high school movement to educate together in recent years.

Following the reaction, the National Office of Educating Together held talks with the Department of Education on the matter.

In a statement today, Educate Together announced that Drogheda School will remain at its current location on Mill Road during the 2021/22 school year and will not be relocated to a Rathmullen Road location.

Educate Together said it is understood the Department of Education has reached an agreement in principle to buy a permanent site for the school that incorporates its current temporary site on Mill Road, so that a building can be built. permanent at the current school location.

Speaking about the announcement, Educate Together CEO Emer Nowlan said: “This is wonderful news for Drogheda High School Educate Together, which can now continue to grow and develop in its current location. , becoming a thriving school serving the community east of Meath.

“It’s especially welcome news for the school’s students and their families for whom the uncertainty of recent weeks has been unsettling.”

The DETSS parents ’construction committee responded to the news this evening in a statement, saying it is“ delighted and relieved ”.

“We are very grateful to all of our local TDs who have worked tirelessly over the past few weeks to ensure that our school remains on Mill Road,” the committee said.

The committee also expressed its gratitude to Meath County Council, parents, students and school staff members.

“Students can now enjoy the rest of the half of the period and have the assurance that their school and parents have their best interests,” he said.

The committee added: “While we are very grateful that the decision to move our school has been reversed, we call on the relevant departments to work with key stakeholders, particularly students and parents, before decisions like this are made arbitrarily.

“This has been an incredibly stressful time for students, parents and school staff and we hope no other school and community has to endure what we have just experienced.

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“We are confident that all key parties will ensure that work begins as soon as possible and we look forward to our permanent school flourishing on Mill Road as a key part of our powerful united community.”

The Department of Education has been contacted for comment.

With reports from Sean Murray

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