Wednesday , May 12 2021

Pokemon remade for the modern age

We must catch them all! No, we are not talking about various types of flu at this time of the year. We are talking about Pokemon – "pocket monsters" who originally crushed your wallets back in 1996.

Pokemon Let's Go: Adventure RPG remade to the Swatch.

It may be 22 years since Pokemon Red and Blue robbed Gameboy, but the brand is getting stronger than ever. This week, the movie trailer finally turned out for detective Pikachu, a crazy adaptation of the Pokemon spinoff, in which the titular yellow monster is now wisely shooting a detective who was completely pronounced by Ryan Reynolds.

If that does not sound incredibly enough, then Pokemon Go numbers could have made a trick last month. The two-year mobile game, which we all expected to be delighted, made only $ 70 million in October.

Despite Pikachu's ambitions, the detective does not need to understand why Nintendo followed suit his first Pokemon game on the Swatch combination of new and old. Pokemon Let's go to Pikachu and Pokemon Let's go Evee announced this Friday on Nintendo Swatch, getting inspiration from one of the earliest games in Iell, but an inexpensive fighting system from Pokemon Goa.

Confused? Welcome to the world of pocket monsters. Pokemon Let's Go is an adventure RPG as well as a "standard" Pokemon game, in which you take on the role of an ambitious Poke Trainer and travel to a world that wants to employ new monsters, equalize them and take over different gymnastic bosses for their badges . It's based on Pokemon Iell, but it's redesigned to the beautiful Nintendo Swatch 3D for the modern age.

However, unlike Pokemon Iell, Let's use a Pokemon Go-like combat system, which means you'll "throw" pokeball on creatures to capture them instead of "fighting against them" in traditional rock- paper-scissors, statistical method. Diehard's players can easily find this compromise without a doubt – at least until they understand the "proper" Pokemon game, with traditional playing, is scheduled for the next year.

Their apathy could be permitted by adding a "real" poker to play the game. If fans are willing to throw money on Nintendo, the company has realized that I can throw real bugs. The Pokeball plugin allows players to imitate throwing a ball to capture the monsters in the game. It can also be used for Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee are just differentiated by the Pokemon you're starting with, indicated by the title. These games represent the perfect intermediary step from a casual but extremely lucrative Pokemon Go mobile experience on a more traditional console game. It's a perfect Nintendo crime – but one Pikachu will not investigate soon. Pika!


If all the different Pokemon games are confusing, then a nice cleaner for impurities could be the Dublin Games Festival, which will be held on RDS on November 24th. The organizers have divided the event into categories, so you can hunt any area of ​​the game that takes your fan.

The main event is "the biggest competitive competitor in Fortin in Europe", which culminates in 100 computers at the festival, which is aimed at finding an Irish champion. If modern games are not your thing, then retrospective will be dedicated. If you prefer shooting shoe, then the business area will help you connect in the industry, while the game and the section "health in play" will also be found.


Finally, Microsoft treated game developers last week as if they were pokemon last week, announcing the capture of a few rarely visible Western studies. Both Obsidian and InEkile were bought by Redmond, increasing their potential output of exclusive RPG old schools.

InEkile developed Vasteland games, while Obsidian created Pillar of Eternity, South Park RPG and classic Fallout: Nev Vegas. If Microsoft is ready to give any of these companies the means to create new, big budget open worlds, then we can expect some exciting times.

On the other hand, both companies may disappear in the corporate acquisitions scandal, as many have done before, while Pikachu is briefly seen on the corner of Patrick Street, disappearing while your pokeball floats to the left.

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